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DB X/GZDB-Bugfix & DirectX Problems

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Crossposting from zdoom.org to get more attention.

Recently I got a new computer with Windows 10 installed, after my previous notebook bit the dust.
Now I'm trying to run GZDoom Builder, but doesn't start and it doesn't show any message explaining why. Then I tried to run Doom Builder X, and it tells me that I need the latest version of DirectX installed (using dxdiag tells me that I have DirectX 12). So I went here and tried to install the latest DirectX version but an internal error happens and fails to install. Checking the log report tells me "error 0x80070005"
I tried googling some answers but so far none have worked. Please if somebody here knows how to fix it, I will be very thankful.

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Just a couple of threads below this one, Barbeerian also had problems with a new install of the editor.

I provided a link to my tutorial, which seemed to have helped him, maybe it will help you too.

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