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Iron Lords - Please Do Beat The Crap Out Of It

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Hullo there traveller!


So, last time I did a WAD it was a tragedy of epic proportions. Some areas still hurt. In any case, I tried to follow advices given during beatdown, and made a single-map WAD called Iron Lords. I hope the result is at least playable.


The map is not too big, but contains some space to wander, as well as good amount of traps to make you feel appropriate amount of pain.


Difficulty levels should work properly, i.e., on Hard the map should be significantly more difficult than on Easy =)


For the sake of variety there are both open areas and halls, as well as tighter spots, but there should be no places that are too unfair (except for Nightmare, but that one is supposed to be unfair).




Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182124.png.5a2491b28a7e95488acf697457d2d03a.png  Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182139.png.9630ac7dc559c760bf2bf4e4d0a6bf57.png  Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182147.png.48ad38d56177bcd250b513c8f69de2f0.png


Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182155.png.7b0ddd2c347a3bb8f88bbf402c6c99a3.png  Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182201.png.7706d386d471270ea373204910d27b5c.png  Screenshot_Doom_20191008_182026.png.10b0559f4116a753f2e02bf340fc41c4.png




Some technical info

Amount of maps: 1 (MAP01)

Tested with: zDoom, gzDoom, Zandronum

Definitely incompatible with: Vanilla game, Chocolate Doom



Database link


I hope this one is fun to play. Thanks for new bruises in advance! XD

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