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A League of Liberty Poll

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During the last couple of weeks or so, a few people have made titlepics for League of Liberty. I myself can't make the decision since I'm too biased, so tell me which one you guys like the best.

http://tobester.demongate.ath.cx/titlepic1.jpg <-- Done by ZarcYB

http://tobester.demongate.ath.cx/titlepic2.jpg <-- Done By ZarcyB

http://tobester.demongate.ath.cx/titlepic3.jpg <-- Done originally by RTC_Marine, I added the lighting affect :D

http://tobester.demongate.ath.cx/titlepic4.jpg <-- Done entirely by me except the logo by Zarcy

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#2 and #4 are good. #4 would probably make a better title screen.

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