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Basic key Actor not working properly


ACTOR SilverKey : Key 881{
	scale 0.5
	Inventory.PickupMessage "You picked up a silver key."
	Inventory.icon "SKEYA0"
			SKEY A 1

the player doesn't take the key in inventory when picking it up from the map, only when I type "give Silverkey" in the console does the engine notice that I have it in my inventory, doing that makes everything work as if i had the key but when I pick up the key from the map instead of typing the command the script/door just acts like as if I don't have it...

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Maybe my tutorial will help you.

Open the pwad (green-key_new-DiH.wad) in an editor, Slade3 or GZDB or GZDBBF, to see how I set it up.


If you are in doubt about how to proceed further, then the WIKI is a good place to get more information, for example


Edited by Kappes Buur

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i don't know where I'm supposed to get that pwad. Can't find any link on your tutorial site. just judging from your tutorial tho I allready tried everything mentioned in it and allready read through the wiki everything about keys. even tried to install on of realm667's keys and not even those are working

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When you move the cursor over the map image, the pointer changes from a small arrow to a hand with the index finger extended, which indicates a link. Clicking on that map image gives you the download link for the pwad.


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