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The Dream - A Wad based on an EXTREMELY weird dream i had.

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Hi, I'm some weird 13 year old kid named defiatron.

no, that's not a good way to introduce myself

not like you give a shit.


Anyways, when i was 3 or 4. i had a weird dream.

i was in the living room of my house (i don't live there anymore)

Except the gravity was kinda fucked! i didn't know why.

and for some reason, the room was blue. (I think, i can't remember it very well.)

This wad is supposed to be a "Recreation" of that dream.

the house isn't 100% accurate. (cause i haven't been there since 2013)


anyways, enough of that shit. let's get on to requirements.


 a zdoom based port (Because the map uses UDMF)

 Ultimate Doom (DOOM 2 WILL NOT WORK)


Alright, enough bullshit. here's the link.




This is the only screenshot you're gonna get cause this map is small!



I Hope you enjoy this little map. and if you don't, that's fine with me.




(also i'm sorry for the tiny ass screenshot)



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