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So Doom

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Making 'Limit-removing Vanilla' singleplayer maps and suffering from INTERCEPTS overflows even in Crispy Doom?

So Doom, the fork of Crispy Doom, will let you soDOOMize away the INTERCEPTS limit and play the map the way you want it!


Compared to Crispy Doom 5.6.3 So Doom 5.6.3 has INTERCEPTS limit evasion (courtesy @drfrag) controlled by config variable in single player (including SP demos), disabled by default, shadowed and disabled in netgames.

After Crispy Doom 5.6.3, @fabian completely overhauled and made flipped levels feature demo-compatible and hot-swappable as well as flipped weapons, which I took the advantage of, introducing key bindings and config variables for flipping levels and weapons.

So Doom first release also features a free soundfont to replace standard MIDI and BAT-files to launch it.

Have Thrash, Frenzy and SoDOOMy!



(The download has been updated with a minor fix: removed colons from messages for Flipped levels on/off)







Edited by Zodomaniac : Updated download and mentioned it

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It took me a minute to figure out why you called it "So Doom", but once I got it... that's clever, and funny. :)


Congrats to your new port!

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So Doom 5.6.4 has been released.

So Doom-specific changes:

  • The values of message-producing settings (detail, messages, always run etc.) are now colorized: low (off) values in red, high (on) values in green.
  • Sodom-style S has been added to the main menu background as port signature.

Changes pulled from Crispy Doom:

  • Automap marker coordinate for flipped levels has been fixed.








Edited by Zodomaniac

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So Doom 5.6.5 has been released.




So Doom-specific changes:

  • The main menu logo has been edited, and its position changed to the left upper corner.
  • Brightness of the SoDOOMy menu logo has been reduced, thanks to @Julia Nechaevskaya for the help with file conversion.

Changes pulled from Crispy Doom:

  • Switching to the fist after typing a cheat expecting two parameters has been fixed. This affects IDMUSx1 and IDCLEVx1, thanks to @maxmanium for pointing this out.




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