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using freedoom as a megawad?

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how can i play the freedoom maps as pwads with doom witout the FD exlusive textures being missing?

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You need deutex. Of course, the modern version.


Unpack it in a new folder, copy both doom.wad and freedoom1.wad in the same folder, launch a cmd window and change to that dir. Create two new dirs, doom and freedoom1, for example. Then.


deutex -v0 -dir doom -rate accept -extract doom.wad


Now, rename or delete doom.wad, and rename freedoom1.wad as doom.wad . Then.


deutex -v0 -dir freedoom -rate accept -extract doom.wad


Now, you have to copy and paste the contents of doom\flats into freedoom\flats, overwriting the contents, and doom\patches into freedoom\patches, overwriting everything. Then.


deutex -v0 -dir freedoom -rate accept -flats -graphics -levels -lumps -musics -patches -textures -make cool_megawad.wad


Done... For freedoom2.wad you need doom2.wad, obviously. And make sure that the folders are empty.


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I don't know if this is the proper way to do it, but i create a new .wad in SLADE3, copy all the maps in freedoom1 or freedoom2 wad, then copy the TEXTUREx patches, and then the freedoom exclusive textures into the new wad, save it and you will be able to use it as a pwad for any iwad, almost. 

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