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Pulling audio files from wads


I played a pretty bad WAD sometime ago but in it had some awesome music I want to use in some maps I'm making.  I can't remember which wad/files had this map, but I have a few files I want to check for this music.  Any suggestions as to exploring these files for their audio content?  Sorry if such a nubish question.


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SLADE is the go-to tool for this kind of things.

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Gez Is right. Using SLADE3 will allow you to change more or less everything in your wad. 

If you are looking for a way to listen to the desired music without opening every single map in your wads, you need to download both SLADE3 and a soundfont (without soundfont you won't be able to listen to the music outside of the game). 

After you have both of the files, you have to go in the audio section of the SLADE3 preferences and tell the program the path for your soundfont. After that, you can simply search the music inside the wad and listen to that and, if you want, export it to another wad (your map for example).

However keep in mind that not all the wads let you use their contents freely. Be sure to read the info file that comes with every wad that you download from idgames to know if you can or can't use the music for your own work.


Useful links in the spoiler


SLADE3 free download:



Here you have a thread about soundfonts:



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