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(WIP) Mortal Kombat II for zandronum (gzdoom 1.8.10)

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Into few weeks i will upload a new beta of this mod. I am working on this since 10 years ago. This mod still compatible with zandronum and works good with gzdoom 1.8.10


Here a video about how looks:




The new version contain:


-Single player campaign-arcade ladder (player 1 and player2)

-versus mode (play with a friend offline: this contain 1vs1 and 2vs2)

-multiplayer level for online matches (zandronum)  and support 4 players for tag team mode (2vs2)


In the future maybe i can include also a tag team ladder.


For the moment, the 12 characters contain 1 fatality.

The secret chars like Smoke, Jade, Noobsaibot, Kintaro and Shaokahn can be playable with a cheat.


Some sequences of buttons for  special moves are different (only the fatalities, friendships, babalities) from the original, the reason is the engine limits.

The physics are different, engine limits too.

The AI is different, is a little more difficult than the skill "very hard" from the original.

Included new arenas, some of MK1 are  in.

Some characters contain new special moves (Subzero can execute the ice ball on the air and Jax can do something similar with his fireball)


You can choose the stages (only for mode versus and multiplayer)


For zandronum multiplayer, i included some clues about how to unlock the secret characters, (is just press the use button where the secret char is hidding) .


That is all, enjoy!


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Best MK ever IMHO. Unfortunately the steam version was a straight copy of the (unfair) arcade version. (rather than console version)

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