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Doom: Hell on Earth 1.4

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Into the Dark – Part 4

I watched as the group of demons approached me. I prepared to throw the first punch at whatever came into range when all of a sudden, three red energy bolts ripped into the crowd with a sizzling noise, killing some of the creatures.

What the Hell was that? I thought surprised but glad that someone was coming to my aid.

A thin human figure landed on the grating next to me, firing a high-tech weapon I had never seen before. It fired a narrow spread of blazing red energy beams that dealt significant damage to the demons.
The figure, a female marine wearing a combat vest designed for women troops and a space combat helmet, turned to face at me and handed two shotgun clips.
“I see that you have a combat shotgun” She said in a voice that sounded remarkably familiar to me. “Put it to good use”
Noticing that she had rank of Second Lieutenant, I replied with a short “Yes Ma’am” and loaded up the weapon.

The group of demons had already been reduced considerably. I reduced it further by firing into the crowd of imps in front of me, taking two imps down and a third howled in agony as a few pellets tore into its body, cutting ugly holes in its sleek skin.

I noticed something red out of the side of my eyes and turned to face it. A cacodemon floated ominously into our view, opening its wide mouth. I fired at it with the shotgun and the floating ball flew backwards with an agonizing hiss.


The last demon faced the full point blank force of my last two shells and the area was clear

I looked at the woman next to me and at the weapon. It was in many ways similar to the design of the plasma rifle, but its muzzle was broader and more flat and at the center of the weapon was something which looked like metallic ribs. The gun was Black and Gray.

“Which unit are you from soldier?” the woman barked in a surprisingly rough voice.
“Well Ma’am, I’m currently assigned to Delta Squad, Platoon C, Assault Force Alpha”
“Assault Force Alpha?” She replied surprised. “That means that you’re one of the lucky few that made it inside while the turrets were still active – these friggin’ turrets have only just been deactivated about fifteen minutes ago”
“I know” I replied. “I shut the crap down” I told the woman and now that I had recognized her voice I flipped my visor open, revealing my face. She gasped.
“Yep, me” I replied casually.
The Lieutenant flipped up her visor revealing Helen “Crash” Kaminsky’s face.
“Howdy, Lieutenant” I said with a half-assed salute, smiling ironically “Nice to see ya again”
She scowled. “I wish I could say the same” she replied stiffly.

“Where did you get that weapon from, Ma’am? I’ve never seen that thing before” I asked her. She stared at me with narrow eyes.
“It’s a prototype that was entrusted me – a so-called Ion blaster, but we call it ‘The Unmaker’”

I shrugged.
“I take it that your platoon is dead, so I won’t bother asking you about that anyway” I nodded, then looked around a bit.

“Are we staying here chattin’ or are we movin’ on battlin’?” I asked innocently.
She sighed and stepped forward, flipping her visor down again.

“Let’s go” She said coldly.


“Go!” Crash barked hoarsely, keeping her voice low.

I quickly moved forward into the room.
“Red security door on right, regular door straight ahead, room secure!” I snarled in my helmet radio, informing the Lieutenant about the basic layout of the room. She came in soon afterwards.
“Well, since we don’t have a red security level keycard, not to mention ANY keycard at all, it’s pretty obvious that we have to go straight ahead” she sighed.
“Roger that, I’m going in” I replied quickly.

The door led to a huge hall. There were four thick pillars with buzzing computer panels on them at each corner of the room. The sense of foreboding hung in the air. I looked around, then barked in my mike how the room looked and that the area was secure. She came up to me, looking around, then looked at a nearby computer panel and thought out loud
“Maybe I can hack these computer and get the damn security systems to attack these alien bastards”
I peered closely at one.
“Doesn’t seem likely Ma’am” I replied dryly, pointing at a screen with flickering snow.
“But there’s a switch here” I continued.
She nodded in the direction of the switch, signaling that I was given permission to operate it and I threw it without further hesitation.
A wall was suddenly transformed into a large set of super computers. I swiftly leapt back, aiming my combat shotgun in the direction of the machinery.
“Whoa, take it easy big guy” Crash said condescendingly “It’s just a bunch of computers”
“Excuse me Ma’am” I replied sarcastically. “But this here damn base is overrun with some mean beasties that are capable of just about everything – there could’ve been some of them hiding there”
She looked at me and I had the feel that she was thinking. “I don’t like this place at all – this is the kind of place where there could be traps” I added.
“Good point” Crash replied reluctantly then turned towards the computers. “Ah, whadda we got here, what HAVE we got here” she continued in a completely different tone.
“Surveillance systems!”
The Lieutenant went over to the computers and was soon deep into them. I couldn’t help smiling briefly. A battle hardened marine had just turned into a computer nerd.
“Where did you learn all that much about computers?” I asked.
“I attended a special course in how to hack into computer systems in order to sabotage ‘em, now shut up so I can work moron” She replied as if she was reading her lines from a book.
After a minute she turned towards me.
“I’ve found the red security level key” She told me. “It’s located in lab G56 – the door is locked, but I …can unlock it…from…HERE!” She slammed a button on the console as she uttered the word “here” and got up with the words “Let’s go!”
Just then, walls on all sides collapsed revealing Hell Knights accompanied by bulls and a few skeletal revenants.
“Crap! Kill them!” Crash bellowed.
I grinned like the madman that I was slowly becoming and blew the first bull demon away with the combat shotgun, while the Lieutenant opened fire with “the Unmaker”, sending sizzling bolts of burning red energy into the masses.

I had gotten so used to battling inhuman creatures, that I didn’t notice details so well anymore, I just fired at everything that didn’t look human. Amidst the battle I suddenly heard the sound of a chain gun somewhere, but I couldn’t tell where and right now I was busy killing and avoid getting killed.

Crash was indeed the capable soldier that she was giving the impression of. She proved that she could not only talk the talk but also walk the walk – in stark contrast to me, she stood calmly still, unleashing blast after blast from the unmaking Ion blaster and swiftly dodging attacks from either the revenants or the Hell Knights.

I rushed the nearest revenant, knowing that this was the most dangerous of these monsters, and was now breaking it’s bony body apart with well-placed shots from the combat shotgun. I rolled onto the floor, dodging a homing missile fired at me by another revenant, before leaping back onto my feet right in front of it and slamming it into a nearby pillar with a well-aimed point blank shot from the double barreled combat shotgun. The homing missile had traveled in an arch around me, but now slammed into the ground not too far away from me.

A burst of gunfire from a chain gun suddenly ripped into some of the remaining demons, tearing out small chunks of flesh from their bodies.

I briefly noticed a marine with a chain gun, letting loose the wrath of the weapon on the unfortunate monsters, before I turned to face a bull demon that rushed at me with its jaw wide open. A second later that jaw was as good as non-existent and a blood red hole was all that the shotgun had left of its face.

The last demon was dead and the marine approached us. He was a black guy with muscular arms and he was very tall.
“I reckon you people could use some help” he said addressing both me and Crash.
Crash only nodded.
“Wait a minute, I’ve heard that voice before” I said, thoughtfully narrowing my eyes in a smile inside my helmet.
“Really?” the black guy responded. “How so?”
I flipped up my visor, revealing my face.
“I can always recognize good ol’ Goliath when I hear his bass voice” I grinned.
Goliath, for it was indeed him, my old partner from my days before my transfer to Mars, stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me.
“Holy crap! TX056! What the Heck are you doing here!” He bellowed surprised, flipping up his visor, revealing his brown, broad-jawed face with the friendly brown eyes.
“I’m helping saving humanity here like all the other soldiers”
“Well that figures, but I thought you were holed up on Mars!”
“I was” I replied dryly. “Oh yeah, I was – that can’t be recommended”

Goliath, or BX045 as his military name was, was my only friend. He and I had been through a lot together. Goliath was only a nickname given to him because of his enormous frame and it was really the name I preferred to call him by, because it sounded more like a name than ‘BX045’. Despite his enormous size, he could look surprisingly harmless, but he could certainly also look frightening when he wanted. I could see that he hadn’t changed much since I last saw him about three years ago. He looked the same with those clearly visible cheek bones and that bent nose of his.

“Look boys” Crash cut in “It’s all very cute an’ all, but we’ve got a job to do”
“Yeah, guess you’re right, uhhh, Ma’am” Goliath replied in a suddenly very serious voice.
“We can have our reunion later” I told Goliath. “Now it’s time to hand these assholes’ asses to them”
Good ol’ Goliath – hasn’t lost his wits completely yet, despite this shit I thought, smiling briefly as I strengthened my grip on the double-barrelled shotgun and followed the other two marines.


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Sweet story! I like how the Doomguy gets backup. If any of them die, I hurt you (especially Crash). The story really kicks a lot of ass. Keep it up!

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bigbadgangsta said:

Sweet story! I like how the Doomguy gets backup. If any of them die, I hurt you (especially Crash).

Suddenly, a huge cyberdemon flattened a wall ahead of me and my two buddies. Terrified by the bio-mechanical creature's size, my comrades froze up. Having seen it before and thus being better prepared for the frightening sight, only I was able to react. I threw myself behind cover as the monstrosity fired its rockets at us.

I heard the explosions and the sickening sound of bodies getting torn apart. My heart sunk as I realized that I had just lost my two friends....


/Me waits for BBG to hurt me.

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ravage said:

Best. Story. Ever.

You gotta be kidding. This is the chapter in any of my Doom stories that I am the least satsified with.
Oh well, people have different tastes it seems.

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