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Mithral's Level Dump

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Here I'll post my maps I create, updating as I go.

My second level created, but under means of more to play, Infiltration.



By no means perfect, but I like the feel of "Classic" but with extra hints of detail, nothing too crazy. I attempted to balance it out with pistol start and without using Secret #1, it's alittle rough on harder difficulties, with Secret 1 it's much easier. Can be played on lower difficulties (slight difference in monster count). PrBoom and Zdoom was used to test.


Doom 64 EX level

Void Station Blue.zip

Edited by Mithral_Demon : Doom64 EX new level

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Glad it was enjoyable for the most part. ^_^

Yeah, still learning the ropes of the using the colors. And yeah, I should have made the upper area alittle darker.


Balancing features (ammo monster ratio) not exactly my strongest but learning that too, atleast the ambush worked as intended. It's like a 25% chance of monster clumping on each other but it's not guaranteed for all. But atleast I made sure in some way that ammo was not an issue.


For map making in general. I like 64's aesthetically. Although I hope the guy working on the missing 64 monsters can make them possible for EX atleast when he gets to that point.

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It may be tricky to add missing monsters in EX, unless someone was willing to make a fork of the engine to a new one. But the group that's resurrecting the missing D64 monsters is also responsible for DZDoom (GEC Master Edition) which has D64 assets, supports gradient lighting, and custom monsters can be added. Also they are working on reverse engineering the D64 source code, so that might yield fruitful possibilities! So although missing monsters might not appear in EX, they will appear in at least 1 (maybe 2) faithfull D64 ports. :)

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