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[single map, small] Arcade of the Unholy

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I made a more experimental, tighter map, with more unlocking parts of level geometry to constantly rebuild the way central arena works. Not yet ready to say it's finished, so feedback is appreciated. Please do have fun.






270419241_gzdoom2019-10-2822-24-01-814.jpg.475947d58c3cba36f6c4f6960db45503.jpg  2141971521_gzdoom2019-10-2822-22-19-399.jpg.429e51e23e5fd9657cd6d9c46c6c4b19.jpg  2031878144_gzdoom2019-10-2822-19-39-654.jpg.1e432f653a3303ea280663f55f862a15.jpg  2096221291_gzdoom2019-10-2822-18-35-834.jpg.e39b5dcc08b6026049e3c6fb0576796d.jpg


Currently tested on gzDoom (works), Zandronum (works) and Chocolate Doom (does not work). Considering it has nothing too special (i.e., no magic scripts, or layered floors, or even MAPINFO) it should run on more or less any advanced sourceports. Definitely won't run on vanilla.

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Alright. Here's my playthrough with commentary.





Really enjoyed this map, man. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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Made an update based on feedback from kknot5889, for which I am very grateful, and my own additional testing.

1. Fixed problem with secrets. Now it's 2, as intended

2. Cleaned up some misaligned textures, added additional textures for some corners and some additional detailing

3. Fixed chaingunner riding the elevator on the Western side of the map

4. Added one more stimpack to a bit compensate for too low healing possibility after barons/hellknights

5. Added MAPINFO with level name


Also, additionally tested on Zandronum (it works) and Chocolate Doom (It does not work)

Link to updated WAD in first post


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