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[VANILLA/CHOCOLATE] [WhackED 4] Creating a new/custom weapon


Any idea how I'm meant to display weapon sprites onto screen without it crashing chocolate DooM? (R_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame). I'm starting to work on adding custom weapons (shotgun being first) and I can't seem to find ANY decent vanilla editing tutorials out there explaining how you're meant to do this.


Any tips?



Also, how does one test a map whislt using a .deh file?

Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : .deh loading with GZDB-BF?

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1. Have a look on the offset to see if your weapons are on screen. Vanilla is very criterious about that.
(You can use the HUD display on Slade to see how the original sprites are positioned)

2. Make sure that you're not skipping any frame. Check all the sprite names and numbers.

3. If you edited the strings on Dehacked, keep in mind they are case sensitive. Your lump should look exactly the same.


4. It's always better to test it with -merge on Chocolate Doom.

Edited by Noiser

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Okay by simply re-opening everything it works now... what.


Also by testing I meant if I made a map and wanted to test it part way to find any bugs, is there an easier way than having to copy the map file over and over just so I can test a small update to a map (baring in mind I have to use a .deh).

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