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Hellforge Speedmapping Sessions - Special Hellforge Birthday Event This Weekend

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Themes for HSS5!! Special session with 2 set challenge themes to choose from.
- All 90 degree angles (any line intersection must be at 90 degrees (or a multiple there of)
- No grid. Turn off snap to grid and make your map.

The themes are mutually exclusive, choose one and go with that. 15 minutes prep starts now!

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Posted (edited)

Alright it's my birthday coming up so I'm organising a special speedmapping session this weekend!
Session time: Sunday 31 May 9:30am GMT +12 (same slot as usual)
Texture pack: Otex
Build time: 3 hours (to allow time for additional texture choice related panic) + the usual 15 min after to tweak
Theme: Bridgeburner's house


Discord: The Hellforge

There be some additional restrictions/challenges announced on the day as well as some totally serious not stupid and very much meaningful awards

Edited by Bridgeburner56

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Hey folks.

We have 3 sessions worth of maps for all to play.


Session 3 -

Description: 20 maps.

Session theme was: 3 Monsters types and Gothic



Session 4 -

Description: 20 maps.

Session theme was: Archvile jumps progression or rad suit progression and Temple.



Session 5 -

Description: 25 maps made within a 2 hour speedmapping window over a 24 hour period.

Session theme was: All 90 degree angles and No grid.




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Short notice but there's a session today starting in 2 hours or so. Texture pack in zoontex. Theme will be announced just before we start

I am also fulfilling my twitch follower goal and using the legendary DeePsea editor for this one. Yay

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Themes for today are
Projectile hell (only projectile throwing monsters)
Weapon slot 9 - Barrels
Choose 1 or both as per usual 15 minutes starts now!

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This weekend is both the 10th edition of the HSS and it's the 2nd birthday of The Hellforge so there is a special speedmapping event planned. Usual time as always 9:30am GMT+12 Sunday. This is not one to be missed :D

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New baddies

- keen - laser turret.
- SMM - Some dodgy robot, small radius so is actually useful. Lower HP
- SS dude - Laser shark
- Baby spider - Laser imp

Small increases for some of the weapons

- Tekwar textures/flats, some of which are animated.

- No new switch textures, so use doom switches

- Only use the 3 skies provided.


This is not the greatest wad in the world, this is just a tribute

Custom stuff is done with dehacked so any format that works with dehacked is allowed

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