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Teleport_to_Map = Exit_Normal ?


Hey folks, I need help with something: I've been working on my wad (UDMF/Doom2.wad) and I wanted to have the same hability to jump around maps like in Hexen. By looking at the original wad of Hexen, it uses a script called Teleport_to_Map. The same can be applied to Doom 2, but when you use it, it just act like Exit_Normal, it ends the map and goes whatever map you have defined.

Is it possible to have this same effect of teleporting into maps without the exit screen, via ACS or else, or is this exit hard coded to Doom 2 ?

Thank you for your attention.

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Hexen uses hubs, to replicate that you have to use MAPINFO to group your maps into clusters which are declared as hubs.


Technically, the only difference between Exit_Normal, Exit_Secret and Teleport_NewMap is where these actions get the next map from. While Teleport_NewMap defines it as levelnum in its args, the other two get it from the map's MAPINFO definition. So, you could even do a hub using Exit_Normal and Exit_Secret if you defined the proper exit destinations in MAPINFO.


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