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doom 2016 got stuck after loading screen

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Hello to everyone


two days ago I updated my Nvidia GeForce Gtx 760 drivers, the driver I intalled was 441.08.

now after I get pass the loading screen my doom 2016 get stuck when the main menu supposed to load and I need to

press ctrl+alt+delete to fix this . 

I tried to reinstall the game and my grapic drivers as well as verify integrity of my game files.

is there anything left for me to do or should I back to the last driver I got.


many thanks for the helpers?


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after restarting my computer I can't upload it at

all and this is the crash report I got


Callstack Function(desc)              Line Bytes File       Process Address
---------------------------           ---- ----- ----       ------- -------
** UNKNOWN **(** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR **) ...  +     0xc12a7aba ?      
** UNKNOWN **(** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR **) ...  +     0x00000285 ?      
** UNKNOWN **(** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR **) ...  +     0x00000285 ?      
** UNKNOWN **(** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR **) ...  +     0x00001000 ?      

Register Info               
EDI:    0x0000000000000000  ESI: 0x0000000000000186  EAX:   0x0000000000000002
EBX:    0x000001D3296EA8D0  ECX: 0x0000000000000001  EDX:   0x0000000000000688
EIP:    0x00007FF8C12A7ABA  EBP: 0x0000000000000020  SegCs: 0x0000000000000033
EFlags: 0x0000000000010246  ESP: 0x00000046567F5110  SegSs: 0x000000000000002B

Exception Info              
ExpCode:          0xC0000005 (Access Violation)
ExpFlags:         0        
ExpAddress:       0x00007FF8C12A7ABA

Build & Runtime Info       
User:             user1       
Version:          20180321-154133-liver-goldenrod       
File Path:        D:\Doom2016\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64vk.exe       
System Time:      11/1/2019 16:00:08       
Build String:     20180321-154133-liver-goldenrod       
VT File Path:            
VMTR Override:    generated/pagefiles       
Launch Command:   "D:\Doom2016\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64vk.exe" D:\Doom2016\steamapps\common\DOOM\DOOMx64.exe +r_renderAPI -2        

Memory Info                
In Use:           50%     
MB Physical RAM:  8048       
MB Physical Free: 4020       
MB Paging File:   14448       
MB Paging Free:   8940       
MB User Address:  134217728       
MB User Free:     134212786       

CPU Info                   
Num Packages:     1       
Num Cores:        4       
Num Logical:      4       
CPU ID:           Generic       
CPU MHz:          3500    


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