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Hydrophobia: (An Eviternity Inspired map.)

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Hey everyone. Got something new for ya. A level inspired by the first episode of Eviternity. I mainly took inspiration from how interconnected everything was and tried to make a map with that sort of natural flow to it. Here's hoping I succeeded!


Download version 1.1: Hydrophobia.zip


Important Bugfix: An archvile was accidentally tagged, possibly making a segment impossible to complete if he was not killed prior to starting the fight for the blue key.


1 new map from scratch made in UDMF format for Doom 2.

Replaces map01 in Doom 2

Visuals were tested using the hardware accelerated setting.

GZDoom is needed for this map due to the use of 3D floors and Portals.

Only one difficulty. The map is designed around a UV playstyle.

Midi used is Osmose by Jimmy, used with permission and by recommendation.

Jumping and crouching are not allowed in Mapinfo, free look is fine. 

I know the texturing is kinda bland. This map is more gameplay oriented rather than visual focused. 

This map is fairly chewy, I seem to have a tendency to make maps with high monster counts, but it is not all slaughtery for the most part.

The map can be fairly difficult at times. However, due to the open nature of the map, much of the difficulty will vary depending on exploration and ammo management. 

Map has been playtested by BridgeBurner and Wolf McBeard and is completable from pistol start to finish.






Edited by Alfredo : Bugfix.

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Overall pretty fun yet challenging wad.

But at some points i did feel like i had too much rocket ammo.


Aside from that, Nice wad.

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7 hours ago, SilverMiner said:

I thought the name Hydrophobia means player is damaged by water :)

Not gonna lie. I considered making all the water into a pain sector just to annoy bridgeburner when he playtested the map, but I figured if I did that he'd never play anything I gave him again. Lol

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