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Hideous Destructor Guy

Do we need to keep the same rotations?

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Suppose someone (not me, just supposing) wanted to update the SKAG and polaric projectiles with rotations since they moved fast enough to seem to merit some kind of trail.

Or, alternatively, someone figured that the healing animation on the necromancer was enough without rotations (or maybe we got some kind of Elder Thing-style critter that was radially symmetrical anyway) and wanted to add VILE]0, etc. and delete the redundant entries.

Would it break anything to do either of the above and deviate from the number of rotations that are found in Doom?

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It'd surely break some mods which replace the graphics. For example the unrotated frames only get picked if no rotated versions are present, so by providing rotated versions they'd block unrotated replacements.


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This is only a problem if you go from unrotated in Doom to rotated in Freedoom. You presumably want a mod's sprite replacement to get precedence over the IWAD's.


Another potential problem is if you have a mod only replacing some of the rotations, like for example the Minor Sprite Fix Project. In that case you can get your frame to no longer get a full set of rotation if, say, the IWAD brings 0 while the PWAD brings 2/8 and 3/7 only, the game will abort upon loading. However, the probability of such mods existing is low -- the Sprite Fix mod shouldn't be loaded with Freedoom in the first place, and an equivalent mod for Freedoom should be done through pull requests to get the fixes directly in future builds of the IWAD instead of as PWADs.

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