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What are some old school styled HUDS that you don't see anymore?  I type in HUDS on DOOM MOD DB, and it's the same listing of HUDS all the time, but I am sure there are plenty more out there that don't get the attention they deserve.

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On 12/1/2017 at 6:57 PM, Doomkid said:

Equinox and Eternal have some of the best custom status bars ever. There's still a lot of excellent statbars missing from this thread though!


One of the oldest custom status bars I remember seeing, seemed to make its way into many many small-scale releases during the 90's. Love the sleek vibe to this day and have used it plenty myself:



Other classic status bars:

ll5CJjB.png Cool variant from Dwango7.


WWFoZ8Z.png Dwango5 status bar, classic as they come.


LldLcKK.png Sweet looking statbar from Vex-ZDaemon.


kZ0Gpvn.png Badass statbar from BioWar featuring a crusty old man.


5qDDnLe.png EXEC's simple yet effective bar. Love the extra blood!


BxUDwqw.png Cool dark statbar from Brit10/11. Shades Doomguy ftw!


YfwfBqx.png Area51's sleek statbar. Always liked the look of this one.


qJyutJt.png DCDwango. Not quite as cool as Area51, but I still like it.


RWHgrc1.png I'll always love DROPDEAD's heavy blue bar.


MJkrhrC.png Killer statbar from FetalDM6.


zy7nin4.png Another sweet one for FetalDM7.


1m1egWe.png Refined even further for GothicDM.


urDROit.png Christmas Doom has an oddly pleasing statbar.


sRvdLuU.png Even DBZ Doom has a pretty awesome statbar! Well stylized.


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Not from a Doom mod (duh) but Heretic's just has to get a mention for that awesome chain animation as you lose/gain health. It already looks sick but the chain just gives it that extra little touch of badass.


EDIT: Remembering even more cool status bars..


hEOCWvV.png ObTic


Vy3UixD.png Nimrod


SEEokzj.png TNT: Bloodlands


GCm8E42.png TNT: Reclamation


OyUVIu6.png RTC


zeWEs7v.png Mutiny




Completely agree. It's the same reason vanilla Doom's statbar is my favorite in the heat of the action and why to this day I still deathmatch with the classic bar. Big red numbers on a plain grey background, but contained in a nice, non-obtrusive little bar at the bottom - very easy to see your vital stats instantly: Health, current ammo and frag count.

The whole thread this comes from features some great classic HUDs

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Cool thanks.  I'm just tired of the same old visor HUDS.  I downloaded a hud pack that I thought was going to be the HUDS from differnt mods rolled into one folder, and I could pick and choose.  Instead, it was the exact same HUD used for 5 differnt mods, and the only differnces were certain ammo types were removed, and the blue sphere was to the left of the health bar.  



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That Dwango7, and ObTic bars are kind of what I was looking for, simple, clean, and to the point.  But, what's the name of the first one listed?

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5 hours ago, Malurek said:

Where are the links to download them?  I don't see how I can get them, or see them.

They are at the right of the page I've linked, down the huge download picture.


However, the first link I shared (the one that ends with techbar) contains the first HUD doomkid showed up...


Edited by Walter confetti

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Oh, that's what that is on the side lol.  I thought it as just an advertisment like most 3rd party download sites have that pop up all over the place

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9 hours ago, ReaperAA said:

I guess this is good thread to show a custom HUD I made using a random texture from OTEX (credits to Ukiro).

STBAR.png.ba6466ced72e0633c04e08c871eae563.png STARMS.png.f3f91738802cddf8d64ef52b50eb26f1.png


Yep, sure is.

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