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Which games are bad, but you like them?

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I think this thread makes only sense when we explain why we think a game is bad and why we liked it nontheless.


Dark Salvation

- What's bad: Broken save system (autosave at the start of a level only) combined with ridiculously hard jumping puzzles results in frustrating gameplay.

- Why I liked it: nice eerie atmosphere and a unique art style that is a weird combination of teenage goth stuff and Quake 3 gothic, and some clever puzzles and traps.


Gene Troopers

- What's bad: Semi-finished game re-uses level parts and generally feels rushed.

- Why I liked it: Cool ideas, multiple-choice talk to NPCs, colorful levels and a fun Space Opera atmosphere.


Operation: Matriarchy

- What's bad: Game was practically released in alpha status. Sound design a complete failure, many stolen, unfitting placeholder sounds or no sound effects at all.

- Why I liked it: alien cyborg babes run amuck in vast spaceships, starbases and biomechanical alien hive structures.


You Are Empty

- What's bad: Technically flawed, cartoony monsters don't fit the rest of the game.

- Why I liked it: One of the most memorable gaming experiences I had, set in a post-apocalyptic Soviet Union in the 1950s.

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On 11/11/2019 at 4:53 AM, qdash said:


Dark Corners was insanely awesome! Best game about Cthulhu Mythos.

Agreed, I absolutely loved the game. Too bad it had so many glitches. Most notably, the blue light not showing up on the reef after the Dagon fight. I had to get a patch to fix it, but I know there were plenty of people who had no luck getting it to work. Killed the game for quite a few people. And this was back in 2008, using the box version. But it was still an amazing game, had quite a few things that seemed ahead of the time, or behind the time. Difficult as hell, atmospheric as hell, tense as hell. Probably one of the 'scariest' games I've ever played, or at least the most anxiety inducing. 


I heard the Xbox version was quite a bit better; the PC version was a rushed port made last minute by the last two people still working on the game, since the studio shut down. Although looking online now, it seems people have been able to fix most of the issues with it. So yeah, if anyone is interested in Cthulhu mythos, or just a really good, albeit kind of clunky game, it's a good choice.


Certainly wouldn't call it bad, just poorly ported to PC. 

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On 11/13/2019 at 1:50 PM, reflex17 said:


Yeah, but I would place her in a higher tier than Debbie who is stronger but slower, better weapons make attack power of the characters less important. I find slower characters die more often so I try to get them centrally located and ring the lake ASAP so they can do nearby cabin missions if necessary.

What are all the tips you have on getting far in the game?

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Dragon Ball Evolution (PSP), based on the awful live action Dragon Ball movie, no one can try this game without some level of prejudice, it's just a bite-sized Budokai game, which technically makes it not bad, just associated with a shitty product, I played it through and got everything in a few hours, honestly, it's a better experience than the proper Budokai games on PSP, maybe because it's literally those games but less, so everything feels more fresh.

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53 minutes ago, Jason said:

What are all the tips you have on getting far in the game?


So I played the game as a kid, and then again a few years ago with a walkthrough to finally beat the game. I don't remember everything but here's what I do know:



- #1 most important thing: the game hints that you should light all the fireplaces, but your first mission in the game is always to make sure the kids survive when Jason attacks, or else if he gets all of them it ends in game over. The next point is never really made clear at all - The only way to win is to defeat Jason across 3 consecutive in-game day/night cycles. I don't think it has to be the first 3, but they do have to be one after the other.


- you can switch your active councilor by entering a small cabin and pausing the game and choosing a new character. This is often overlooked and one of the main ways you can move across the map.


- it's possible to beat the game using all councilors, or just one if you're fast enough. Here are tips for each character:


- Mark is fast on foot and also the best at rowing, use him as a scout/emergency runner and possibly thru the caves. He has low attack power but once you get the knife and better weapons this doesn't matter so much.

- Crissy is fast like Mark, stronger attack but bad at rowing, don't use her to cross the lake.

- Laura is really quick on foot as well but has the lowest item collection rate of all the councilors. Laura is not good at rowing, so she makes a decent emergency runner.

- A lot of people don't like George because he has slow foot speed and is bad at rowing, but he has the best drop rates of all councilors, so use George to farm items (I think you can transfer items between characters but I forget how exactly, they probably have to be in the same cabin or something.)

- Paul and Debbie have the same stats, they have low speed and bad drop rates. They both have high attack power, so they can be used as filler to go to empty spots on the map if necessary.


- You collect better weapons by killing zombies and there's a way to get the torch by lighting certain fireplaces. I'm not sure which fireplaces are required to beat the game or in what order though, a walkthrough might be required for that part.


- It also helps to go through the caves and fight Jason's mother on the 2nd day for the sweater, which acts as armor for the councilor that wins the fight and collects it.

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