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Which games are bad, but you like them?

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I had to think back on this, just because I'm quite straight minded, as in, if I like something, of course its not bad. But yeah there's probably a handful I can name.


Breakdown - This was made by Namco for the Xbox. It was very experimental and highly innovative for its gameplay. Its story is a straight up ripoff from Terminator only with weird aliens. It did however do a vastly superior job to most games before it or since it in terms of immersive first person storytelling. Look, after playing this game, Half Life's one trick is gone, because it absolutely brutalises Half Life 1 and 2 for immersion, and whilst the story is nothing special its up to par. Now, it is sort of an FPS. The early segments do involve you using the traditional FPS arsenal of guns and explosives to fight the faceless army goons at the start. Its weird, it kind of uses an auto lock system and you're kind of meant to use it over traditional shooting. Think Metroid Prime only a lot more shoddy in the implementation. I don't think it was really awful but it isn't good for its guns. 


Then you fight the aliens. Oh... they have independance day shields that make them completely impervious to bullets. So you do the running away thing for a while (actually some very good segments there and also some really irritating ones), and then finally, you unlock some strange power, and find that your fists can do what the guns could not. Cue the first ever good first person melee game ever, shame you need to play about 30% into the game to even see what the whole selling point is. Dark messiah and Mirrors Edge proudly and directly descend from Breakdown. 


So thats the gist, I won't spoil more of the story or gameplay but I will talk about what problems it still has, in pretty short fashion.



Filler BS Platforming.

Even more filler platforming.

A helicopter fight that can go to hell. 

Difficulty - look we're not talking Dark Souls here. Dark Souls is kids stuff compared to this. Most things, are kids stuff compared to this game. This game is more merciless than anything Civvie has played and I dare him to track down an Xbox and review this game because, well he really should. This game is a little jank and has a lot of bad filler later on and I could see why someone would not like it. However it really dares, and does things that very celebrated games that I kind of loathe *cough* Half Life *cough* do not, and its not obscenely boring like something like Half Life. It marries more complex gameplay into a very cinematic thrill ride of a campaign, it did it pretty amazingly at the time and I think that aspect of it would still hold up, and its really something of a cult classic in the purest sense. 


I'll finish with its memorable E3 presentation which I think does a lot to communicate the games uniqueness, and even though a lot of it looks prerendered it doesn't misrepresent whats there, although it does show some scenes that aren't first person (which are not in the finished product because it was 100% purely first person) 




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13 hours ago, bobstremglav said:

Hey guys, I tried some Virtual Boy games on emulator :-)


First one was Teleroboxer, and I beat it twice already. As I know, there isn't any remastereds, remakes and etc. Why? The game is cool, including the fact that it was created in 1995.


But the second one is pretty bad - Innsmouth no Yakata. 

Poor level design and monsters variety is main disadvantages of game, but anyway it's pretty good. FPS with horror elements and 4 endings... But anyway much worse that Teleroboxer.

I remember playing a display model in Target when that thing first came out, and I was so excited. After 5 minutes of Mario Tennis my head hurt so badly that I couldn't continue. So I played the Genesis display with Vectorman. Had a lot more fun with that. I don't think my brain is compatible with VR displays, especially not with how the Virtualboy handled it. A bunch of red lines on a black background, and my eyes are an inch away from the display? Sign me up!

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