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My recorded demo just don't replay properly


Sorry again, but I have a weird problem and is the second demo I record for map3 just  doesn't replays as I did, make different things, doesn't replay as I made in nutshell.

My wad have six maps. Is there any explanation for this?

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We need more information as to what's going on. What are you doing, what are you expecting, and what result do you get instead? Be as descriptive as possible.

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1- I recorded the second demo for map3

2- When second demo is displayed, just don't repeat movements I made.

3- I supose a demo must have same movemets I made, thing second demo don't do.


I hope be more clear. (sorry if I look rude, is not my intention) 

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Can you post your demo and map3 (if it's a map you made)? And what port/version have you recorded this demo on?

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