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Plane align function in Doom Hexan format

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Hey all,

Ive recently started working on my first Doom wad, Currently using Doom Builder 2. Im having some trouble creating slopes though. Ive watched a few tutorials on youtube and copied what theyre doing but slopes still dont appear in visual mode. The elevation just changes as it would normally. Is this just a visual oddity, Or is there some kind of condition Im missing? Ive just been using action 181 (Plane align) on a line segment and aligning it to the floor. Thanks in advance

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7 hours ago, LSD_Polyphony said:

...., Currently using Doom Builder 2. Im having some trouble creating slopes though. 


It depends on the version of Doombuilder2 you have installed.

The version r1553 from doombuilder.com only comes with a marginal plugin, BuilderModes.dll, which contains




A plugin for some GZDoom effects, such as slopes, was added in a later revision, I do not remember which one. But, if you go to the DRDteam website, then you can download version r1715, which contains some GZDoomEditing plugins.




However, these plugins do have some shortcomings which were fixed in later releases of GZDoom Builder, and again later in GZDoom Builder Bugfix. So, boris is quite correct in directing your attention to the latest iterations of the editor.


GZDBBF r3097 Doom in Hexen format








Another case for using UDMF is that many operations are now single click items, whereas in Doom in Hexen format those had to be done using ACS.


But, of course, it's your choice as to which editor version to use.



Have a look here how the GUI of the editors differ.



Edited by Kappes Buur

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Thanks. Ill check out the other editor. Ill probably end up switching to GZDB soon. The slopes werent really holding me back atm, I just wanted to test what the limitations of the engine were

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