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New enemies, and decoration objects without removing the originals?

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oh ok. sorry for that, thought it would work in wads & mods because it was for a wad. oh well i will know next time, thanks for that and the link


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I usually use decorate and make randomspawners



Actor D2doomimp : doomimp {}


Actor impspawner : randomspawner


Dropitem "d2doomimp"

Dropitem "newmonster"



That way when ever an imp is supposed to show in and map (either original maps from doom, doom2 etc) or from an add-on map then either an imp or the New monster comes


Remember to put in a decorate and then in a pk3 file (zip file)


You could Also choose to spawn both an imp and Another monster when an imp is to spawn or replace the imp completely


Personally I am not a fan of archviles or chaingunners any more




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