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Looking for some wads (Megawads/Episodes preferably) to get some inspiration and maybe learn a few things about effective level design. What are some wads that have gameplay that stands out to you, Or Has an interesting structure/eye candy and why?

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Some standouts for me (in the megawad category):


Ancient Aliens

Back to Saturn X Episode 1 and Episode 2

Scythe Part One, Part Two, and X - Ep1 and 2


Some fairly recent releases which standout for me (in the megawad category):


Alienated (only 10 levels, but, great levels, good levels, really great and good stuff)


Lunar Catastrophe

Mass Extinction



I'm probably leaving out 6,892,384 other megawads worth checking out, those just jump out at me right now. If you blast through those, definitely peruse that link Bryan T posted. Also try looking here


And, now, I know you said megawads and episodes, but... there are some superb single-map releases that spring to mind. And if you play a bunch of them back to back, you can just pretend it's a single, mind-blowing episode/megawad.


Some standouts for me (in the single-map category):


Arctic Outpost

BOOM Stick in the Mud



Brood of Hatred

Bury My Heart Knee-Deep

E1M3: Toxin Refinery [Remake]


Infraworld: The Hatehammer



Saturnine Chapel

The Quirky Domain

The Warlocks Hearth

UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot



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