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New Doom Site!

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I like the design.

We still don't know if it will even be called "Doom 3".

Well, WE here at DW know. It WILL be called Doom 3, it was officially announced in...May.. I think. So you can update that part.

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Looks great, but what does it have to offer that Doomworld can`t provide for us?
(I`m not trying to put you down or suck up the Ling, but there are a lot of Doom-sites out there, but only one keeps me coming back...)

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boris said:

...wtf, I just posted in the Doom3 Forum...


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dsm said:

I have updated it considerably but there's still work to be done on it before it can replace the old one.

Sure, meanwhile there´s so much more we know about the game content.

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