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SLADE3 Texture Editor

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What is the exact step by step process of using the texture editor WITHOUT importing textures, or other pictures into the program?  


I made a texture through SLADE3's texture editor the other day just playihg around with the program, and do not remember exactly how I did it.  I converted to DOOM palette, but I think I did something with the PNG because the texture is now showing up as only PNG ALPHA in the convert menu, and I do not know how to change that, nor do I remember exactly how I created the texture.  It just kind of happened.  My archive is P_START and P_END, not PP, however, I do faintly remember doing something with the patch options on this texture too.  All of this just kind of happened.


Tutorials I have looked up using strictly SLADE3's editor show importing files, or something different, but there is a way to do it through SLADE3 itself without importing, and that is the tutorial that I need.

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New textures are created in a graphics app, Paint, Paint.net, Gimp, etc. and then imported into Slade3.



Read at the very end about texture definitions.




Texture1 and PNAMES are a must for original Doom/Boom format.


For ZDoom family maps (DiHF or UDMF) you would simply stick the texture between TX_START/TX_END markers, plus you could use the texture on both, the wall or floor/ceiling, plus the image can be a left as png.



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1 hour ago, Malurek said:

showing up as only PNG ALPHA in the convert menu

the convert menu is for what you want to convert to, not what format it is.

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I don't mean fancy images, and textures.  What I started with in texture editor, was "create new texture", which it creates a black outline with nothing filled in.  Somehow, after playing around with things, I was able to get the center to fill in with the color I wanted, and then converted it to Doom.  For whatever reason, (maybe I apparently did the PNG ALPHA conversion, and the converted to DOOM), however, I did not do this in another program like paint.  I did this in SLADE3.


I didn't do anything with the P_NAMES or PP_START/END archive, or patches, I made a normal archive folder


There's also the issue with renaming the textures.  I can rename them anywhere except the .txt marker.  When I rename it there, as soon as I click away from it, it reverts back to the original saved name.  The save icon is not highlighted either when I do this.

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Are you by any chance trying to edit textures in DOOM2.wad?

Any good editor will prevent you from changing those lumps.


You should only change original textures in a pwad, by importing the texture as a patch between P_ markers but naming it the same as the original patch. Then the highlight the patch/es and register with TEXTURE1 and PNAMES. Although, at that point, you might as well make those textures as totally new patches with your own naming.


From the Tutorials page read 

  • [Vanilla Level Editing] Lesson 1: Preliminary Reconnaissance and everything in that series
  • from Editing Tutorials Links EEVEE's tutorials


And/or scan every topic in the tutorials section for something relevant to your immediate situation.

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