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Map Playtest Loads in different .WAD

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Using DoomBuilder 2, I know how to set a playtest for a .WAD, however, I put SIGIL in DoomBuilder2 as a resource for textures, and now my playtest auto loads SIGIL instead of the DOOM@2.WAD, or DOOM.WAD which is originally how I had it set.  How does this change, and how do I fix it?  Do I have to remove SIGIL?  I don't know how it started auto loading SIGIL as the play test .WAD (Still Doom 2/1 format but still)

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Using F6 you select the mapping format and then

  • in Resources which the engine to use 
  • in Nodebuilder which nodebuilder to use 
  • in Testing which engine to play the map with
  • in Modes which modes you want to include when mapping. Usually all of them, except greyed out once.


Now create your map, possibly with specifying another resource like a texturepack, and save it.


But realize that saving your map would not include the actual textures of the texturepack in the map when you save it, just the texture names. When you load the saved map into the engine then you also need to include the texturepack.


If you do not want to load the texturepack every time, then you could import the textures and/or flats using Slade3.

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I figured out what was gong on, I had SIGIL being loaded as the playtest .WAD, (don't know how that happened).  tks/

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