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Entry-Hangar Plus Alpha emulation + Classic Texture wad, New Doom 1, Heretic?

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Doom 2 version is mini episode with decorate things recommended to play through (That's not the normal map02 Underhalls).

Doom 1 version I really felt the need to see all the vanilla format maps working in vanilla doom.exe and aligned some more of the original texturing better.

Both have some different ZDoom maps and have something to offer that other doesn't, whether as secret maps in Doom 2 or additional episodes in Doom 1.

ClassicT.wad is the best set of textures to use though EntHangP has more evenly animated version of brown slime flats you may want to grab.

Only the Doom 2 version has additional sprites while both versions have different decorate things to offer.   Only D1 version has Eternity defs.   Both have decorate things not actually used in any of the maps.   Editors can use whatever resources they like.  Just make sure you credit other people whose textures I used from the Post-Your-Textures topic.


New universal Ultimate Doom version (released around midnight April 25th, 2020) (Official Doom Classic now supports E4M1 Dehacked Doomball)


Works with no prep with doom.exe though you may want to apply D1EntHng.deh for E4M1 and map names.

Doom Classic 2019 and many source ports specially supported.

Doom 1 missions replaced sporadically with their versions from EntHangP plus more maps but all made doom.exe compat.

(E1M1, E1M6, E1M8/E4M8, E1M9, E1M10/E2M9, E2M3, E2M7, E3M1/E3M2/E4M1  )

Episodes 1&2 Secret missions replaced and added.  (Doom Classic has access to a E2M11 that won't work in doom.exe)

Episode 5 for Odamex/ZDaemon (2 Hexen format maps)
Episode 6 for Eternity Engine (2 UDMF maps)
Episode 7 for Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom/newer ZDoom (4 UDMF maps)

Some different maps not in EntHangP.wad, but missing some secret maps from that one.


Main mini episode for Doom 2 with any ZDoom based port supporting UDMF and Decorate (released around midnight March 14, 2020):


Currently untested with K8vavoom (supports UDMF and Decorate).

See further down for just texture wad and a single map vanilla wad.


Map01: Entry-Hangar described below (UDMF)

Following are vanilla format with some decorate things:

Map02: Better v1.666 version with early version and BFG edition stuff

Map03: E2M3 Refinery with SNES,PSX, & Alpha stuff.

Map04&05 skipped past with mapinfo

Map06: E1M6 based on much different Alpha version mixed with other Alpha and Ultimate Doom versions + some PSX things

Map07: E2M7 Spawning Vats with Alpha and PSX stuff.

Map08: (3DO extramap) Altar of Extraction including many early and Alpha map pieces with a grand finale fully living up to its name. (End of mini episode)

Secret exits in four of those.


Music entries are named so you can override them with IDKFAv2.wad whether it's Doom 1 or 2.


I have not tried this with Brutal Doom though.

The Doom 1 version is set up to play appropriate tracks of Bobby Prince's Doom Music CD if you have it in, if whatever ZDoom port supports that feature.


PSX secret exit added to Map16.

Alpha things emulation plus more of them implemented and many unused things added.

A full list of things with DoomEd and Spawn ID #'s is at the bottom of decorate, but it'll spoil surprises.

They were carefully chosen to avoid any conflict with Skulltag actors or anything I saw in zandronum.pk3.


Every map contains at least one secret.   Not all secrets count as secret (because they're super secret).

One of the secret bonus maps requires either mlook or jumping.

Another bonus map requires mlook to get its only secret.

Bonus maps are a variety of formats.

Remember to try AltFire with any new weapon or the BFG.


Due to generous ammo placement of the original maps, you may want to try pistol starts.   By map06 I had all ammo maxed on UV despite new surprises.  Or go Nightmare!  Or just try -fast monsters if Nightmare is too much.


ClassicT.wad for anything.   (For vanilla Doom2.exe, delete Nukage1-3, Blood1-3, OR add all flats)

EHvanill.wad included.  (Same as map41 in EntHangP.wad except starts 5-8 changed to multi-only bodies/blood)

3/14/21 https://mega.nz/file/BMphnAQY#riQkpknPvmMXsTgbshdyAqToKFcP9Lx2Zz1XD8iFc9A (latest version, over 143 more textures)

3/09/21 http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2m3eukcmrgzxj6/ClassicT.zip/file (in case latest version gets too big)

Properly tested in vanilla doom2.exe

Deleting decorate things and coop starts 5-8 in any other vanilla format map should make them doom2.exe compat but you'll be missing out.


EDIT: D1EntHng.wad coming soon, universally compatible with doom.exe,Doom Classic 2019, and various ports.   Some vanilla maps needed work to be truly doom.exe compat and Odamex/ZDaemon intended Entry-Hangar now has PSX color lighting using an ACS script to set it all.


ClassicT.wad lets you play Doom 1 maps in Doom 2 + all the textues used by early Doom 2 maps that were cut from the final game, more that were cut from earlier texture listings, more unused ones, many Alpha version textures edited to work better with the regular Doom, and much more.   If I used your work, you should be credited, but reading texture credits before completing the episode may contain spoilers.


Several versions of E1M1 and MAP01 mixed together...
                          Combined rather seemlessly and staying true to
                          offical version parts.  It is composed of...
            First X-box version E1M1
            + Early July '94 version of Map01 from d2temp-cleansed.wad
            + some of v1.9 Map01
            + some of Plutonia map32 (thing placement toned down)
            + thing placement from PSXDoom Hangar (Doom 1 Map01)

            + PSX colored lighting and light levels averaged between PSX and original
            + one stimpack placement from v1.1 E1M1
                        + minimal architecture to facilitate combination
            and minimal things in new sectors.


Other versions to warp to:

Map40: Odamex/ZDaemon compat Hexen format (colormaps in unswimmable liquids)

Map41: Vanilla format but has coop starts 5-8.

Map42: Similar to map01 but PSX light levels

Map43: Similar to map01 but original light levels.

Map40 and 41 don't have the PSX color lighting.   Colormaps look better in software mode while PSX color lighting looks better in hardware.

Any other???


Anyone is welcome to come up with some Eternity definitions or EDGE DDF version of my decorate for another edition, but two Hexen format secret maps would have to be converted to UDMF (which I would gladly do).   (Edit: one of those Hexen format maps whether in that format or UDMF is only workable in Zandronum or newer ZDooms.   The ThrustThing linedef/ACS special is too limited in Eternity and older ZDooms.   I tried.)


New screenshots, not spoiling any of the best stuff.







New vanilla version screens taken with -devparm.   Automap not fully revealing everything.








Older version but newer than previous release used for these videos:


Old crap version:



              map01 =  ZDoom Hexen format, more features, items, decor
              map02 =  better v1.666 Underhalls with BFG Edition secret exit, added more starts.
              map33 = vanilla format version, not doom2.exe compatible
              map34 = ZDoom Hexen, looks closest to original E1M1 (even leaving the outside startan3 unaligned)


Zandronum makes multiplayer things appear in single player deathmatch mode if you want to try that but turn monsters on.


I hereby demand some version of this map is stuffed somewhere into every deathmatch level pack for every game from now on.



If you want a chopped up, rearranged mix of E1M1+Map01,

check out map01 of dwango7.wad, Best of Both Worlds by MrBlonde


It's also map02 of dwango9.wad.  Although looking at the automap, it's not that ambitious and mostly substitutes two map01 rooms for two of E1M1,

and a version of E1M1 before Ultimate DooM was used.   It's nice looking though.

It's also map16 in Doomkid's Jumbo Dwango.


Here's a really ambitious merger of E1 Missions 1,2,3,4,&5, but not Doom 2 map01.



Learned of this recently while working on my project:


Pretty awesome and trippy and did different maps than I did, going in way different directions, except for Spawning Vats, but did a way different version based on the PSX version expanded further.  I actually haven't finished playing through it yet as it's very long and some parts are a bit confusing/frustrating.   I should soon though.   A very worthwhile experience and adventure.


OLD boring screenshots without spoiling too much from the first version months ago.




Edited by Gokuma : Major update to ClassicT.wad

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Will update again with slightly different filename in some weeks as I'm currently prioritizing other stuff.   The current version is fine but checklist for later or anyone that wants to edit their own version sooner:


*Done* PSX Doom has the hard ambush Shotguy at 2464,-2432 changed to a Chaingunner.

            I would change the Shotguy to medium and place the hard ambush Chaingunner on the same spot.

*Done* Change texture x offsets from 2 to -10 to match the other side of the stepladder and look best.

*Done* Change texture x offsets to 32 on both sides of exit sign textures for whatever is no longer an exit.

*Done* Set the top line of the top teleporter to Not Shown on Automap as well as the four lines surrounding the blue keycard.

*Done* Tiny work to transition between old e1m1 exit and map01  blue room

            (support3 between and split sector to remove row of the ceiling lights that are half cut off)

*Done*  Add previously unreleased textures that d2temp_cleansed wad has to the wad, so it's a texture wad of all Doom 1 & 2 textures plus

      those,  such as the transparent open versions of Doom 2's windows, though they won't be used in this map.

*Done* Maybe replace a few more sounds.

*Done* Maybe do colored lighting like PSX Doom.


PS: Secret but ultra-redundant path: Map01 normal exit, Map02 secret exit, Map33 secret exit, Map34 secret exit.


EDIT: Did more than this stuff.

Edited by Gokuma

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Current wad so far, now a mini-episode, with all secret exits going to mostly original levels not listed, getting close to release


Mini-episode (Some additional weapons set to multi-only or DM-only to retain some reasonable progression playing through)

Map01: Entry-Hangar - UDMF version with PSX style colored lightning and light levels averaged between original and PSX

(The following are all vanilla format but contain player starts 5-8 and a few decorate things.)

Map02: 1.666 Underhalls with BFG editionish secret exit added with more detail.   Changed what switch texture I was using now.

            Early Doom2 harder monster placement & I added a multi-only berserk in secret exit.

           Unclosed sector and missing textures also fixed.

Map03: Refinery E2M3 + SNES secret exit + some Alpha stuff + plus some PSX thing placement

           And I added a multi-only weapon at normal exit.   No version of this map ever had a Rocket Launcher.

(map04 & map05 skipped)

Map06: Central Processing - Alpha 0.5 e1m5 version of e1m6 plus parts from Alpha 0.4 and Ultimate Doom + PSX things

Map07: Spawning Vats - E2M7 with Alpha card game on crate & C shaped computer desk & things, PSX secret exit & things

Map08: Altar of Extraction (3DO Extramap + several other early map and Alpha pieces)


Addtionally (Also Players 5-8 and more DM starts added to these and some missing textures fixed in 15 & 16):

Map15: Zombieman from v1.666 put back and secret sector widened so you can 100% secrets without ridiculousness.

Map16: PSX secret exit added

Map32: Exit can be opened in deathmatch with no monsters as soon as someone spawns in right place (like Dead Simple)


(All those with secret exits take you to a different bonus map, five new, two vanilla, two hex, one UDMF.   They are totally different maps not listed here.   Four are from scratch by me but one of those is some ancient early stuff.)

Secret map accessible from Spawning Vats is a new Doom sport of sorts I don't think has been before.   The map accessible from Refinery is a trip too.   Maps accessible from 1 and 2 have been seen before.


More versions of maps so you can pick your flavor to extract and use for whatever nefarious purposes:

Might cut this down or put these other versions of same maps in a separate wad.  Map45 is likely to be cut.


Addtional Entry-Hangar versions (and made early Doom 2 start room look a bit better in all)

Map41: Improved Vanilla (but you'll have to delete player starts 5-8)

Map42: UDMF with PSX color and light levels (mostly much darker but some sectors oddly brighter)

Map43: UDMF with PSX color lighting

Map43: UDMF

Map44: Best Hexen format one that was previously map01 (Has ACS scripts and Decorate things)

Map45: Hexen format closer to vanilla but not Odamex/ZDaemon compat due to 3D sector transfers. (No scripts or Decorate)

Map40: Odamex compat Hexen format based on map44 - has ACS script but not decorate things (No 3D floors)

   You can run this wad with Odamex if you use -warp 40    But there's no music and the sky is bodies.

All UDMF versions have one ACS script and include DECORATE things.   You could edit them out if you need to.

PSX Doom has detail deleted from its maps so it's cool to see its atmospheric lighting with the full PC version detail.

(But I saw detail is being added back into PSX Doom)


I would like to do an Odamex compat Hexen format version with the old method 3D floors (mid textures plus invis thing you can walk on).

A good question is whether people such as Decino play with infinitely tall actors turned off.   Unfortunately it's on by default.

I always freaking hated infinitely tall actors and monster melee, before the source was even released.   That is by far vanilla Doom's greatest flaw.  I do like infinitely tall barrel explosions but not rocket explosions.


I've noticed something that works in GZDoom but not Zandronum.  For a couple deep pits in between what's Hangar and Entryway I set Doom-64 like lighting, lower wall fade to 000000 and floor to 303030.   No big deal.


Altar of Extraction:

Map50: 3DO extramap.wad edited moreso

Map51: 3DO extramap.wad minimal finishing probably closest to original intention except including little more of E2M5

            (Beatable with all 100%s from pistol start, except I ran over top of monsters once.)

Map55: Various other map pieces pasted into map50 before being connected to make map08


Map63 E2M3 with SNES E2M2 secret exit added and nothing else done to it.




*Done* Main thing left to do is add those early Doom 2 textures to the wad.

*Done* And add more sprites I was unaware of in Romero's 2015 early resource uploads


*Done* Something interesting I found on doomwiki is that SNES Doom has a secret exit added to its E2M2 (PC E2M3) since the E2 map with the usual secret exit was cut.   So I want to check that out and recreate its new secret exit on a copy of the PC map and include it.


The 32-bit versions put the E2 secret exit in Spawning Vats.


To do:

- Add more Alpha textures and some more unused ones.   Possibly all of Alpha 0_5.

*Done* Add those to Animated

- Add even more textures

*Done* Implement Alpha things in Decorate whether or not I use them in maps

*Done* More gldefs when applicable for some of those things

*Done Finish one of the bonus maps

* Already did more stuff to be seen when I release it.

Edited by Gokuma

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This has to be one of the most ambitious mix-ups of DOOM maps I've ever seen. The Avengers and Justice League ain't got nothing on this!

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Thank you!


UPDATE: Virtually finished.   Making sure it's solid.   And maybe adding a couple more Alpha textures.   Includes major Alpha thing emulation and more.


Well this is pretty close to release.   Not adding all the Alpha0.5 textures as many are redundant renames or earlier shorter versions of finished textures. Just adding some good ones.   The versions of the main map in the current release seem pretty unacceptable to me with how much I've done since and of course the current wad is a mini-episode of several maps now which I'll glady PM a download link to anyone interested.   Latest upload is EHtst667.wad in the zip if you got an older one.   Got some good Alpha (all versions) emulation of thing placement with DoomEd ID#'s.  Much thanks to Deathz0r's 0_*resor.wads and I've gone beyond with figuring out more, but his conversions of maps and more made this possible.   Got shield generators which give 20 cells and 20 armor of armor class 2 (but picking up green armor if under 100 seems to change you to armor class 1) rather than whatever type of shield they were planned to generate..   Just want to get a better sound for one thing, add more textures, and more unused sprite things from Romero's resource releases.  Gotta fix what seems to be a chunk of missing pixels in Alpha desert sky's clouds.


Currently map40 = Odamex/Zdaemon compat Hexen format E-H (still for Doom 2) and map41 = better Vanilla version closer to that.  Map#'s Several redundant other versions cut out.


Altar of Extraction FULLY lives up to its name now.   I guaranfreakingtee that!


Bonus original maps by me including a couple doozies are hidden as secret maps.....

For anyone who really needs to know how to find the secret exits I imitated/improved from BFG/X-Box editions and console versions....

Still same locations/methods.   Just some better architecture and new key requirements.   As far as regular secrets go, I'm not giving that away but every map has at least one.



map01 - Pressing on random wall in outside area with rocket launcher but instead of exiting right there, I made a room requiring blue key.

This bonus map is only a conversion and not an original.

map02 - In one of the monster closets that opens when you grab red key, press a random wall, but instead of immediate exit, it opens way to secret requiring blue key.

map03 - Easiest one:  Inside one secret is a new switch.   It opens way to secret exit at another secret marked sector.  Sure doesn't lead to the easiest bonus map though.

map07 - After taking a teleporter to rocket launcher room, crossing a line in there opens door to secret exit around where you teleported from.   But now you need the red key to cross that line opposed to PSX letting you reach the secret exit right away, simply due to the PC version architecture.  Gotta run back quick.   Can try as many times as you need.

map16 - Teleporting to the secret four plasma rifles, quick run to the next building where doors open to the sp_face bloody skulls & bones texture.   You'll be able to walk through another one of those while the secret door is open.  No limit on tries.


Edited by Gokuma

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It's done and released with lots of good stuff.   See first post, though details in more recent edited posts should still be accurate to it.   Added new screenshots of episode and vanilla map.  Even took ones with doom2.exe with -devparm.

Edited by Gokuma

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I'm glad I played this, it was a real treat. I love going through Doom's history, and this wad was a fun way of doing that. Just one question that's only slightly relevant: Where was that scrapped E5M1 you incorporated into Map08 from? I remember there being a thread by someone who thought it was fake because they didn't realize how unfinished it was and just thought it was a bad map that no one at id could have made.

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It does seem simply more unfinished than bad.   It has some nice lighting.   I first found as soon as I moved it around or copy and pasted it, some older versions of the sectors and lines took precedence changing many textures and sector heights, so I had to go through resetting them to how it was before pasting.

It comes from the resources Romero released so it's not fake.   It's the E1 looking section with barrels and barons, except the "C" shape hallway to it with the vertical double doors is by me.   The first rectangular room after the "C" is the start of it.   Then the north the most area branching off it is an Alpha 0.5 map fragment supposedly by Romero, except I doubled it and made more changes in the second instance on the left.


Actually, open map55 in Doom Builder and you can see it before everything was combined together (and that problem with pasting and moving is already fixed).   Not sure if that has the texture alignment of my finished version though.


I'm currently working on a vanilla Ultimate doom.exe and Doom Classic 2019 version of this mapset, with some episode 5/6/7 maps for Odamex&Zdaemon/Eternity/Zandronum&newerZDooms.   Not having all the same bonus maps of the Doom 2 version and got a couple replacements to go in, but the standard maps are all done.   I found some things I did in that version of Altar of Extraction within vanilla format aren't really doom.exe compatible (aside from too many visplanes at the end), but now I have D1 version that is, I'll hopefully get out soon, though it won't have all the same experiences as the Doom 2 version.

Edited by Gokuma

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I see now. I've found the .dwd files on Fraggle's github archive (where I thought I'd looked before, but I guess I did a lousy job) and learned to convert them. I think I've found everything you used, assuming the two similar rooms to the north and the Spider Mastermind arena are your own design.

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Cool.   Those two rooms to the north are Alpha 0.5 E1M10, taken from Deathz0r's 0_5resor.wad.   The one on the left I just modified a little more.   The end arena is all mine.

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D1EngHng.wad released for any/every version of Ultimate Doom.


For screenshots...


I'm resurrecting a new abominable amalgam of my old geocities/doomnation/condemned.com/voila.fr pages on NEOcities!

Go look at my animated gifs now!


Episode 5 for Odamex/ZDaemon (2 Hexen format maps)
Episode 6 for Eternity Engine (2 UDMF maps)
Episode 7 for Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom/newer ZDoom (4 UDMF maps)
E1M1, E5M2, E6M2, E7M4 = EntryHangar
E1M6 = Alpha/Ultimate hyrbid version
E1M8 and E4M8 = Altar of Extraction (3DO extramap plus many pieces)
E2M3 = Alpha&PSX&SNES stuff added
E2M7 = Alpha&PSX stuff added
E3M1 = Quad Goal Deathmatch (Blast players in)
E3M2 = Respawning Imp Blast
E4M1,E5M1,E6M1,E7M1 = Quad Doomball/Cacoball
E7M2 = Crazy Dankey Kang
E7M3 = Slingshot Chicken, but EntHangP.wad map37 version is better.

Secret Exits:
In vanilla doom.exe and some ports, secret exits go to a mission 9.
In anything supporting a type of MapInfo:
E1M1,E5M2,E6M2,E7M4 go to E1M9, Heretic E6M3 version of idmap01
E1M3 goes to E1M10 Silenced Lamasery
E2M3 goes to E2M11 Moshpit (not doom.exe compat but Classic 2019 works)
E2M5 goes to E2M9 Silenced Lamasery (so doom.exe can play it)
E2M7 goes to E2M10 Eagle (goofy old crap)

E5M2,E6M2,E7M4 normal exit returns you to M1 of whichever Episode.

                   E4M8 is almost identical to E1M8 but different
                    monster activates 666 trigger and a different
                    line is set to activate something else.

                   Had to add some bloodwalls to block visplane overflows in doom.exe.


Here's some enemies not used in any maps that you can summon with console commands:


Summon DankeyKang

Summon Arachnotron


Summon DankeyKang   (e7m2 one is a different thing)

Summon Arachnotron

Summon TinySpider

Edited by Gokuma

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That DankeyKang actor name reminds me of a meme showing a math question about a game Dinkey King. XD

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On 11/16/2019 at 11:27 PM, Gokuma said:

New screenshots, not spoiling any of the best stuff.

  Reveal hidden contents


On 11/16/2019 at 11:27 PM, Gokuma said:

New vanilla version screens taken with -devparm.   Automap not fully revealing everything.

  Reveal hidden contents


On 11/16/2019 at 11:27 PM, Gokuma said:

OLD boring screenshots without spoiling too much from the first version months ago.

  Reveal hidden contents

Edit: Turns out that didn't actually include the contents of the spoilers, but it should still give you a good idea of where to look.

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On 4/26/2020 at 9:36 AM, Alter said:

No screenshots, no download, simple as that.

As SiFi270 tried quoting, there's a lot in the first post of the topic.   For screens of some of the new content in the universal Ultimate Doom version I thought I'd save Doomworld some bandwidth and post them on my new site.


I just updated ClassicT.zip today.   Somehow a little bit of the lower case s in T_Letter was shifted so I fixed that and added a bunch of textures.   I also made some tweaks to the template DMapInfo.txt for Doom Classic 2019 to better reflect vanilla doom.exe regarding secret exits in secret missions (supposed to be repeat map rather than go to normal next).


EDIT: Quick added GlassBOH3&4 from D1EntHng to ClassicT few minutes ago.   They're mirrored versions of stained glass for other side, used in Silenced Lamasery and the QuadGoal/Doomball maps.

Edited by Gokuma

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I absolutely love that NeoCities site! Definitely gonna be playing the latest version of this soon, I’ve enjoyed the older builds I checked out a lot.

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Anyway, I quick whipped up an episode of a bunch of these maps converted to Heretic.

Not looking as good or polished as the Doom versions since Heretic really has a surprisingly small selection of textures and I only added some flats.



For Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom.

Will play selected tracks of Heretic II CD if it's in and if port (I think only Zandronum) supports that.


Various Heretic gameplay mods to try with it:

Romero's Heresy II by DrFrag

Hexen: Walpurgis by Eharper256 (for Doom, Heretic, or Hexen with GZDoom!)

The Wayfarer's Tome by Not Jabba

Bitter Heretic: Melee combat emphasise by Lagi

Wrath of Cronos RPG by Thetis (Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife)

One with a long, hard to remember name by Nayoz


Happy Beltaine and last night was Walpurgisnacht!


Edited by Gokuma

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Updated QuikHt0 to QuikHt1a


Took the time to do a better conversion of UMDF EntryHangar for E1M6 and did some work on other maps.


EDIT: updated QuikHt1 to QuikHt1a in the same zip.

Thought E6M3 converted to Doom then back to Heretic looked kinda crap as E1M7.   So I renamed it E6M5, copied the regular E6M3 to E1M7 and added the normal exit of idmap01 back.   Also made a couple platforms into lifts but forgot to add lower textures behind them.   Fixed that and tweaked things in EntryHangar.


More stuff I'm not bumping my own topic for:

Splitscreen testing some stuff in D1EntHng.wad, heh heh...



March 14th, 2021 EDIT: Major update to ClassicT.wad, tons more textures

Edited by Gokuma

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