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[McD] James

Things just keep getting worse for The Leafs

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6 - 1 against The Pens tonight. 5 straight losses. Only two regulation wins over the last 15 games. The core of the team is completely nonfunctional. Whenever a sports team starts tanking, I often feel that people are way too quick to call for the head coach's head. But there really isn't a single positive thing that can be said about this entire organization right now, and they're getting worse with every game. Time to destroy and rebuild. Enough is enough. Fire Babcock already. 

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I shut the game off sometime in the 3rd last night and went back to editing Doom. I had so much hope for this season, especially after how well they played previously. I've been giving Babcock lots of slack but now I think I agree it's really time get rid of him. Surely they'll figure it out with all that talent on there but who the fuck knows. Frustrating much.

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3 hours ago, Doom_Dude said:

Hey Ajora, they fired Babcock and hired Sheldon Keefe from the Toronto Marlies.


lol I know. It's pretty much the only thing local news stations across the GTA have been talking about since around 5PM Today. I'm very happy about that. I didn't think this would be happening any time soon, but it did. 

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