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Doom Movie Scripts

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Howdy. My Name is corban, im 24, and i wanna write a script for what id like to see in a doom movie. Any help with writing would be fantastic, and ideas are welcome. i want it to be based closely on the video game. like, CLOSLEY. like, the movie starts in E1M1 with Bruce Willis helming the pistol start kinda close. ya. so let me know what you guys think, and throw out your ideas! thnx!1687636191_Screenshot(44).png.539ac0264e59e0bad311ebee267ac014.png

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That's a nice cover page and all but are you able to write up any mock up paragraphs to get a taste of what you're capable of? Also your style.


It may get my creative juices going.

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I have been fiddling around and learning the ropes. I've written a tiny amount of dialog, but I have no experience in writing a screenplay or script so i'm relying on google images, youtube tutorials, and examples from real movies like Alien n' such. But I have a very set idea on what i want and how i want the source material to be portrayed as if it really existed. Im looking to Doom 1 and 2 as my template. The story and design aspects are there. But the action/dialog/pacing all has to be put down on paper. All i know is i want it to be as true to the game as possible.


My explanation as to why i want to do this the way I envision it is because I'm a nerd in my mid twenties with an extreme imagination that grew up with the crazy films like Tremors, Gremlins, Mars Attacks, Alien films, Star Wars, ET, The Fifth Element, Total Recall, all that practical crap.  I may be young but i have better taste than most people my age. I consider myself an old soul. That's why I play games like Doom. Because I recognise how well it holds up and why. Its a night and day nostalgia overdrive for me. Think about this; imagine the starting level of E1M1. imagine it in real life. The textures of the walls floors and ceilings legitimately exactly as they are in the game translated into real live sets. Same goes for the things like armor, weapons, health packs, the demons and zombiemen. I see them exactly as they are in a live action setting. Putting it all into words is the hard part. I'm no stephen king. But like Hugo Martin explained, "Id rather go down swinging for the fences than bunting. Like, fuck that. Home run. Go all the way."


The Best way to do this, IMO, is to legeitmatly copy paste some of the gameplay, story, premise, all that shit, to a real live action film experience. Ambitious? Hell yes. i wanna put my mind and creativity to work, because i want to share with the fans something that I love and totally understand as well as the hardcore fans do. Because im a fan.

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To see what a professional script looks like, go to IMSDb (Internet Movie Script Database). Not all films scripts are on there, obviously, but several - including one for The French Connection - are.

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