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[RELEASED!] Oculus Malus - SIGIL Inspired Solo Map

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I liked it alot! The visuals were pretty intricate and nice to look at as well. I loved the black areas with the glowing red cracks in the ceiling. The supplies are balanced perfectly. My only gripe is the room with the 3 cyberdemons. I though 3 was maybe 1 too many but that's not a huge deal at all. Good WAD great work keep it up!

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Hey just finished this, definitely a map worth playing.


I started playing this saveless but the big cyberdemon puzzle room was a showstopper for that ;)


I admire the fact I found all monsters and secrets even if playing blind. Everything is telegraphed properly!


I'm struggling to find suggestions but maybe I'd prefer if the backpack was available earlier even if in a secret - actually since the backpack proper is also only available only in a secret (and actually the more luckluster one) I'd suggest to have one on the normal route and one secret earlier.


I also think there are a few places where there are leftover evil eye wall sockets (or it was the ones that close, I'm not 100% sure).


Finally the final red key section with the crusher corridors really confused me, I didn't really understand what the progression was, I was just trying to keep going in places I hadn't been. Also I have a feeling the cyberdemon in the plasma room was supposed to teleport in earlier? It did after I got the red key for me.


Overall this was an awesome adventure! I recorded my playthrough and I'm currently uploading it to youtube if you wanna check the blind experience. I'll share the links (did it in two parts) when it's ready.

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Did a blind demo in crispy: om_fdabygal.zip


Died at the huge dark room from what looked like taking the wrong teleport? unless I got screwed by RNG, which wouldn't surprise me. I pointed things to check with the fist, such as misaligned textures, an infinite tall hanging corpse, and one wall I saw later lowered so ignore that. About my death, if taking that teleport is part of progress with the cyberdemon still alive, consider moving the teleport destination off its line of sight, because rng decides there whether you die or not. A shame, was enjoying the map a lot but I'll put it aside for now, it's super cramped and awkward at times (the drop in the grey path was a clausterfuck I barely survived), though all in seemingly good fun. 

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Wow, this was an immensely fun map!

I'd say it's more of an homage to SIGIL rather than being a new map for it. It is unique in it's own way while incorporating the same artistic style and gameplay elements. Enjoyed the layout and interconnectedness, and absolutely loved the puzzle elements, forcing me to think rather than rush. I didn't mind the cramped spaces. In fact, I kinda liked that. And there was no time that there wasn't enough room to backtrack or move sideways, and health and powerups were plentiful. 

Details are really good, and the use of lighting and sector effects really brings it alive. I also liked the organic, nonsymmetrical structure. If I had to nitpick, it'd be that the crusher maneuvering is to me always a source of frustration. I felt it was more manageable in this map than in SIGIL, but still it's a gameplay element I personally don't enjoy that much.

Here's a visual glitch I found in the U-shaped room near the beginning:




Overall I'd say it's a really fun and gorgeous map, and I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from you!

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Here's a blind playthrough. Very nice map. I really like the details you put into it. For example, those broken teleporter pads for outgoing teleporters, and the similar feeling of many Sigil levels but they play differently.

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