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The Hellforge One Year Anniversary Project

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Great experience working with everyone, 10/10 would do it again and have BB pull his hair out all over again beta testing it for us.  :D


Rough breakdown of who worked on what (spoiler warning if you've yet to play the map.  Also may be slightly out of date):





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This was such a blast to work on, you guys are amazing and this map came out pretty incredible, considering the amalgamation it is :P

Rarely do I ever map, let alone speed map under such limitations. The entirety of my part took me a total of about 4-5 hours including detailing and thing placement, which for me is a huge feat.


Some screenshots are necessary, though, dontcha think?

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    Just finished it on UV, took me about 55 mins because I missed a switch like a goof. Yeah, uhh... People will die a lot on UV. I recommend people starting with HMP or even HNTR then climbing up.


    Right, gonna write a paragraph on each sector so if you haven't played, don't click. Wall of text spoiler:-


    The opener is already deadly, you don't see all of the shotgunners because of the darkness and that alone can get you. I then chose Liberation's path first and boy oh boy did that kick my ass, mainly because of those damn hitscanners. I got lucky with the monster's pathing as I was able to squeeze rockets in the pack and take out the viles pretty fast. Still, the monsters coming in at different timing made it a really good distraction since I was focusing on clearing the hitscanners on the top.


    I continued the path forward and entered DMPhobos's sector. Was glad it was mainly a cooldown fight and nothing too rough after that madness I went through. Although I missed the switch that lowers the zerk pack, and that made me backtrack a couple of times. That pesky vile in Paskon's area had a window to snipe me though.


    Entering Paskon's sector, I already knew this had monsters placed in angles hidden at first glance. Still, that didn't help much as you don't know where those bloody souls/cacos keep coming from. Elend's cacos also kept harassing me through those bars. I saw that sneaky vile with the blue armor, no sniping this time. I cleared everything and went above into Elend's area, had to backtrack because of the switch to get the blueskull of course.


    I knew this was Elend's mapping. What gave it away was it had Hurt's lifts. I think I killed myself with the rocket launcher here, didn't see the pain elemental. Surprised Elend didn't make it too hard and was an enjoyable fight, maybe because some would consider Paskon's sector to be an annoying fight..? Didn't know where to go, so I went down the stairs and saw the switch to the left.


    LowGcifer was able to make a really enjoyable fight with the low monster count here, shades of the chasm can be seen with the souls, damaging floor and narrow path. The path is wider mainly because of the projectiles from the revs and mancs to make it fair I presume.


    Leekster's part was probably the second easiest one in the entire map. But that's not a bad thing, far from it. You will wish for easy parts in this map and this acted it's part. This concluded with my first key.


    PAIN.... LOTS OF PAIN.... Bauul and GSH make it clear, if you have ptsd from pain elemental and lost souls, you'll have a rough time. The lost souls acted as cover for them so it's not easy killing the PEs with rocket launcher. I think I switched from launcher to SSG to kill one, then cheesed the other with the chaingun from a corner so the souls don't hit me. Other than that, it was easy clearing the rest. Looking at both paths, anyone could tell the nukage path looked like a slaughter mapper's sector. So I definitely didn't go there first.


    Continuing onto Bauul's section, I predicted the crushers and didn't die from it. Most of the chaingunners also died from the crushers because I waited a bit. I thought everything was clear because I don't hear anything anymore, but nope. A sudden demon from the stairs made it into the crusher's path at the end, I got surprised, I bashed my face with a rocket, and the crusher finished the job.... Took a break and entered Karma's section which is a secret for some reason? It also had the blue keycard and Remster's sector was nowhere to be found. Probably the easiest part in the map, as it had only a baron, a few spectres and imps. But I guess they made up for it with the monsters being able to open the door. Since I didn't clear Bauul's area, the imps and hell knights were raining projectiles on me.


    Finished Bauul's area, I stumbled upon Simpleton's. Didn't know where to go first, so I went up into Elend's area and cleared it. Because I missed the switch on the yellow skull, I continued up and entered the hardest part for me in this map. That double vile trap in the end of Simpleton's area, forced me to go into Pegleg's area without any preparation. So I was dodging revs and knights with very precise movement without going forward or the viles will burn me to a crisp from Simpleton's sector. Adding that there were chaingunners everywhere in Pegleg's part did not help at all. Yeah, I retried this a few times till I got it right. Also that damn soulsphere secret that opens a vile and rev, that was evil man.


    After getting the redkey from that... that Hellish part, I went back to get the yellow skull, opened the door and found myself back at the crossroads between Liberation's and DMPhobus. Backtracked to the beginning, and did Terminus's section. And man did I wish I did this first than Liberation's. Cool area with some sneaky shotgunners, but nothing annoying. Definitely feels like you should do this area first, as you get the SSG and will definitely make Liberation's part easier. Fast forward to DMPhobous's zone, found the switch and got the blueskull in Paskon's area. Since I cleared pretty much everything in their areas, it was an easy cleanup with the rest of the monsters hidden.


    Right... really big space, lots of ammo, health and armor... Definitely the calm before the storm of any slaughter section. Surprisingly, you can cheese both the spidermasterminds and that lone vile without any trouble, and going inside you can just circlestrafe the revs. I thought to myself, oh... this might not be too bad after all. Enter the insta-pop cyberdemon area....  Ugh... At first, it wasn't too bad because there are some safe spots from the cyberdemon to take care of the knights. But I didn't notice there were two viles at the top and that made this fight very tricky. I finally found the spot where you can kill a good chunk of the knights while hiding from the cyberdemon and viles. Then I took care of the cyber while making the remaining knights help me kill him, then it was an easy cleanup of the knights and viles in the end. Classic Insane_Gazebo.


    Don't let Alfredo fool you with how easy it is at first. Because once you pick up that BFG, all hell breaks loose. Of course, I aimed for the vile and cyberdemons first, so I took that vile out early. What got me was there was a second vile hiding with the barons and knights, thanks to the cover I escaped a fatality and took him out. Then it was a classic BFG spam everything. This might've easily killed me if I wasn't fast enough.


    Stormcatcher's part acts as a breather after those two slaugher-ish sequences, a simple and straightforward fight and nothing too challenging. I definitely thought it's to prepare me for what's behind that 6-key door in the end.


    Major_Arlene acts as the final act. 4 viles and a trapped cyber seems to be quite lethal alright. But if you run for that invul, it makes the entire fight easy. Add to the fact there's a megasphere present, makes it a bit underwhelming as a finale. But hey, it's really hard to make such a setup fair without an invul I guess.


Overall, I think Simpleton's double archvile trap that forced me to go to Pegleg's sector unprepared was the hardest part for me. That got me real good. With Alfredo's part and Insane_Gazebo tied at second hardest. I enjoyed this quite a lot. Hats off to everyone who worked on this. Aesthetic and design you ask? I mean, when you look at that strong lineup, do you think it will look bad? Yeah, me neither. Jimmy's MIDI sounded perfectly tailored for it too.


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looks cool as hell, hot damn. you should really add the screenshots to the OP though ;D

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I liked it! I have to say this scared me lol :


On 11/19/2019 at 6:34 AM, Bridgeburner56 said:

10/10 harder than sunder 


It's hard, but not that hard.

I liked how it was more non linear than you may think at first, as usually there are 2 or 3 points to explore and advance. And the room variety was very good, you can notice how it was done by a mix of authors.

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9 hours ago, Turin Turambar said:

I liked how it was more non linear than you may think at first, as usually there are 2 or 3 points to explore and advance.

Yeah, the idea of having multiple mappers work on the same map was a bit of an experiment in creating some non-linearity, so it was definitely intentional. Glad to see it worked out. =p

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8 hours ago, Bridgeburner56 said:

@Turin Turambar lol, that's a reference to when I first played it. People who watched me stream the first play through will know what I'm talking about.

But you're right, it's not actually harder than Sunder


The more alcohol you have before playtesting, the more the wad is going to seem like its Sunder's mother.

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I've just downloaded this, pretty excited to see what this is about. :)

A quick note : the readme file is misleading, you do need an advanced source port to play this, and using Boom compatibility seems mandatory to get out of the first room.

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Exiting and detailed map. This begs to be played cooperative. Could you add this, please?

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