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started work on a new megawad

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I decided it is time I learn about making DOOM maps in this here new millennium, since last I did maps was back in the 90s


What better way than to do a mega wad to try out all the new cool stuff that GZDoom can do?


my concept for the maps - I plan on having as much as possible be 3D models


map01: home - player start at home while war against the strogg rages outside, must finde tank or mech and use it to safely reach a boat in the harbor

map02: water - player is sailing and must reach a submarine that requires the players help as a payloard specialist, the player is a designer of gadgets

map03: sub - player sails with sub, sub sinks, player must escape sub in deapsea suit

map04: deepsea - player must walk on the button of the sea until reaching an island

map05: island - player must find helicopter on island to escape

map06: air - player must reach mountaintop before fuel runs out

map07: mountain - player must find hidden entrance to shelter

map08: shelter - player must find portal

map09: portal - player is now on a small island and get captured

map10: prison - player is in a prison on a floating island and must escape in to a tunnel

map11: tunnel - player is in a tunnel and must escape and find a stargate

map12: stargate - player is transported to a remote desolate space station and must find either an x-wing or tie fighter to pilot in order to escape

map13: space - player must reach a planet called dagenbarr to talk to master vero moda

map14: vero moda - player crashes and then talk to vero moda and is send on a mission to rescue the Queen that is held captive on a large starbase

map15: cargo- player sneak abord cargo vessel to reach starbase alpha

map16: starbase - player rescues queen amydalai lama and returns to dagenbarr for new instructions

map17: surreal - on dagenbarr a new crises has turned to whole planet in to a surreal web of floating boxes, it must be stopped

map18: past - the key to the strange new crises lies in the past, after a trial, vero moda sends the player to the past  

map19: ancient - player arrives at dagenbarr when the lizardmen ruled the galaxy and must enter a pyramid to destroy the power crystal

map20: destruction - the crystals destruction sends the player in to both alternate dimensions and alternate times - he must now gather clues in an ancient maze

map21: clues - the maze gives clues to items that must be collected and assembled - the first is found in a strange sky realm where a fall is fatal

map22: second - the second clue is within the guts of a giant monster - the player enters the monster and must travel inside the monster to finde the next item

map23: burp - the player does sometihng that makes the monster burp - the player is now in a bubble dimension - must jump on bubbles to make them move or bob

map24: escape - the player escapes the bubbly dimension by assembling the device and by using it on a special bubble the player escapes

map25: woods - the player is now in a forest - the forest tells him that he must find transportation so he can get back to vero moda - the player takes the galactic bus

map26: bus - the bus crashes on dagenbarr but the railway is nearby - the player uses the railway to get past energy barriers

map27: home - the player is now home at vero moda and celebrates the victory - but little did they know that the princess was just a robot and not the real deal

map28: search - the player must now "drive around" downtown sea attle an underwater city on dagenbarr to hire a crew large enough to pilot the sea star cruise star ship

map29: cruise - the player enjoys a relaxing intergalactic vacation with his new homies untill they are boarded by a strogg spaceship

map30: boarding - the player escapes to the strogg ship and finds the queen in a cell, they escape together in an escape pod

map31: landing - they land on a desert planet and must find shelter so they can get some sleep

map32: nightmare - the player wakes up and finds out that it has all been a terrible nightmare, the player goes to the bathroom to wash up


would that be a good concept or?

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The concepts grow more interesting towards the end. As an organizing framework, this doesn't seem so bad, but imo make sure to find strong, specific ideas for each level when designing it, instead of making conceptual one-trick ponies that satisfy the plan and do little more. 

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10 hours ago, Austinado said:

@CBM attaboy !

I just hope I can get the maps to work in a modern doom editor... when trying to edit prison and quakeworld in doom builder, then it crash when I try to save anything


11 hours ago, nicolas monti said:

Feels like a tremendous amount of work.. posting a screenshot or some map may help to judge.

well I do not yet have any screenshots.. only a bunch of my old 90s wads that I will either use as inspiration or use in much improved versions.

It is a lot of work and it will likely take a very long time, but I plan on posting beta and alpha versions of the maps as they get done, in order to get feedback and get them all to be as good as possible


11 hours ago, rdwpa said:

The concepts grow more interesting towards the end. As an organizing framework, this doesn't seem so bad, but imo make sure to find strong, specific ideas for each level when designing it, instead of making conceptual one-trick ponies that satisfy the plan and do little more. 

Thanks :) well I might alter the concepts in the first part of the megawad then, nothing is yet set in stone (or bits) :)

Often maps seem to develop a mind of their own anyway.

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I plan on using the 3d cube monsters I made as well as a floating 3d eye monster I've made on the maps as well as other stuff...


the cubes have proven to be a quite interesting enemy.. thing and they are inspired by various old games such as boulderdash


stuff I am thinking about throwing in as well.. just have to dot them down so I do not forget them...




floating rocks with slopes between them, mystic skybox and lava below, if the player falls he will teleport back to the start


lift corridor (4 lifts that acts as doors and will crush the player if he is not fast enough in activating next lift)


rooms with moving staircases like in harry potter


factory with moving conveyor belts that transports trapped humans in to a machine that makes neat refeshing bottles for the vampires (from buffy the vampire slayer)


colon cave with squishy floor, blood and bloody footprints plus larva enemies? actually the insides of a giant slain demon prince?


library in a temple


monster creation machine that must be stopped before the level is filled with monsters? (ideer originates from bloom - how hybrids are made)


3d floors version of quake world with eqyptian theme, reworked map parts, energy barriers, translucent "holographic/illusion" secret walls, better textures, scripts, slopes, smashable windows and dynamic lighting, if I figure out how to do all that


classic d&d style dungeon crawl section


npcs with quests


npcs that must be rescued


npcs with hints (ideer originates from genetech)


morgue with dead people and some of them suddently rises as zombies (prank from nightwatch)? while others have monsters burst out of their bellies (alien)? and some explode in a blood mist to be replaced by a demon (40k)?


underground city with graveyard cave with dead people plus statues and some of the skeletons suddently bursts out of their graves? and some gargoyles come to life? 


weaping angel monster from dr who?


lava lake with floating rocks that must be jumped on to cross, the rocks wobble when jumped on?


big castle like in castle master?


big map with islands like in hunter, fallout etc?


ideers for big maps: change from "idyllic" (csgo type map) to post apoc  (doom + fallout), change from idyllic (all is well) to dark side (stranger things from netflix)


map with a strong multiple path storyline like in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from netflix?


only one weapon can be used at any time and when another is picked up the previous is dropped?

OR player may choose to have up to 2 one handed (like dual pistols, pistol and sword, pistol and magic.. /since magic req a free hand/ etc)  weapons or a single two handed weapon (like a rifle, tohanded sword, tohanded gunsword etc) ?


tunnel with flames at regular intervals


tunnel with arrows or knives at regularm intervals


floors with puzzles where you need to step on the right floor pieces in order to escape alive?


boss battle, unkillable or endless greater demon or army that must be stopped, slain or banished by finding and using a book (evil dead)?


use a book or closet to go to the next level (neverending story, narnia)?


destroying the cursed mask at the museum destroys the neverending zombie horde that invades the city (buffy the vampire slayer, dawn of the dead etc)?


radioactive zombies (znation, fallout etc)?


using black magic to resurrect a legendary hero in order to stop another black magic ritual that aims to summon an evil god? (buffy the vampire slayer etc)


race against a potagonist to collect parts of and assemble or destroy a legendary monster?


friendly npcs but one of them suddently turns against you?


living treasure chest monster (from d&d) ?


walk through walls spell (from heroquest)?

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I have also downloaded a ton of free 3d models that I plan on using, such as weapons (recently I got the AK47 model I downloaded to work in the game without having to make specific animations for it), decorations and monsters (for example various floating monsters like fallout eyebots, the sentry from the oblivion scifi netflix movie, etc)


I might want to design a robotic actor as well, where I can make variations of it like the many many versions of protectrons in fallout 4


also, a "bot controlled" enemy player that competes against the player in order to finish the level and/or kill the player could also be interesting.. but that would not be easy though


found a site with map overviews of all the doom maps... might be good for layout ideers http://classicdoom.com/doommaps.htm#d1


ideers for scenes/stuff in some of the levels:


a monster wedding, two monsters are being wed by a third monster and all their friends are attending, the monster priest has a grude on the groom and might help

(from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

a monster child birth, a caco demon is giving birth to a baby caco (from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

monsters chanting in an unholy temple in order to open a portal to the underworld

ruins emerge from the water (from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

a monster that is secretly an npc that was supposed to be rescued, the monster was transformed from a human in to a monster by an ancient curse that must be lifted

A human graveyard that’s besieged by the souls of the monsters whoes bodies were buried outside its walls. (from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

a laboratory that contains both science and occult stuff (buffy the vampire slayer and https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

An innkeeper who hired a magus, a troll, and an elf to guard their secret recipe, but finds they’ve put their trust in the wrong people.

(from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

A character who gets trapped in their memory palace and has to find a way out in order to save someone else. (from https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

A room where the player must win a giant chess game to continue? (difficult) (harry potter and https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

A cult of worshippers that worship an atom bomb and plans to set it off (planet of the apes and fallout)

an abandoned baby that must be rescued?

a posessed baby demon?

heavy metal monsters with sonic guitar weapons?

A character who awakens an ancient mythical beast while searching for a book at a remote monastery. (https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

tattooed NPCS where the tattoes contains clues/codes/etc ??? (https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

demons that sacrifice themselves?

A monster living in a nursing home who wakes up one day to find themselves inundated with fan mail ?? (https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)

A potagonist whose fear of missing out drives them to establish a surveillance network ?? (https://www.eadeverell.com/100-story-ideas/)


I have seen several levels with surveilance screens and mirrors, and it makes for some cool details :D


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I've started work on the megawad.. Just did the first 3D model... a very simple maul (hammer)


using only mspaint, maverick, doombuilder and gimp


I made the texture from predefined textures in gimp




I am considering a map...


one giant skybox, one start platform, one end platform, lots of actors.. all of them 3D cubes... some as monsters, some as hazards, some as bridges, some as "monsters" that float towards the player and can be killed but does not actually hurt the player.. naay, they will act as stepping stones that willingly seek the player


some as random duplicating cubes that act as stepping stones, some as missiles?


basically... mini minecraft.. but pretty (minecraft seems to be intentionally ugly :/ )



could be start of the bubbly bubble level... since there could be more areas... maybe one with bubbles as well... we will see what happens

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managed to convert quakeworld to a format that doombuilder will open, but it is now a hexen map... I have begun the re texturing process  and I have already made the first changes to the level as well... screenshots will come soon

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screenshots of retex process that has begun for the quake world map...

and a screenshot of my first 3d weapon




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suddently a graveyard and a slab of green marble popped up from the lava... all the 3D stuff will come after the level is completed


..need ideers for the purpose of these new areas beyond pure decoration


also just made 3d models for blue, green and dual mana... goal is to make a complete 3D set for hexen.. dual looks different than sprite since I was unhappy with the hexen sprite


doing simple models like this takes only a few seconds in maverick







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