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Where can I find rundown, decrepit, urban textures

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I want to try and remake an old wad I was working on back in April and completely remake it with new textures and items. I've looked all over but couldn't find anything I was looking for. So I kinda want to try t make my own textures but don't know-how. The wad is kinda just going to look like Manhunt so that could probably help.

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I'd recommend something like textures.com (free account needed, but you get daily free credits to download mid-res textures) or freepik.com which provides textures and photos specifically for use in non-commercial projects. I am not sure about the fotocommunity.de photos.

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A few years back @abbuw sent me a really good resource for urban textures - I no longer have the files but figured I'd tag them here in case they still have access to them. :)

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20 hours ago, 00_Zombie_00 said:



Thanks, man, The Kingpin texture pack has all the grossness I need for the wad

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