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Siderurgica - A Doom 1 vanilla map.

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Hello, everyone! This is Siderurgica, a map that took me about a week to finish. It's inspired by Doom 1's Episode 2: The Shores of Hell, and uses only vanilla resources.


(must be played with the Doom 1 IWAD) 


This map should work with any sourceport, but Chocolate Doom is recommended.










Thanks for playing!

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Mapslot is E1M1, very large map with lot of exploration.


Here's a FDA of me finishing it without dying:



Beautiful map, the ending section scared me!

Edited by Walter confetti

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Here's my video with commentary:



Absolutely loved this map. I'm a sucker for a good Doom 1 wad and you've really captured everything there is to love about Doom 1. Great layout, good combat, all that good stuff. Are you planning on making an episode? If you're looking for someone to playtest, hit me up. Thanks for sharing!

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i was running around like crazy doing circles, but never fugured out how to get a yellow key. i see that people are able to get it, so i am prolly doing something stupid or missed something obvious...

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I enjoyed it, I like the way you used the transparent vines, i know some people don't like them, but you presented them quite well. I might have to steal the style.


I missed most of the secrets, and i could not round the rooms fast enough to grab the low lite vision goggles. I am assuming there is a trick to get them. Also i like the lava changing room with the yellow key, simple yet very satisfying.

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Great map! The attention to detail with lighting, texture variation, and floor/ceiling heights is very well done. It paces quite well too, with some pretty scary, but doable ambushes (especially that last one). It is a bit easy to run around in circles what with all the optional areas, but at least you reward the player for exploration.


Speaking of which, I found all of your secrets, but it took a half hour to do so. They were a little tougher than usual, but nothing too obscure. I've only got one nitpick, and it's that I was able to get stuck between the altar and the wall at the spiral staircase. Nothing a little idclip can't fix, but you might wanna make some linedefs impassable there.


Really captured the atmosphere of episode 2. Bravo!



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Echoing others here, this is a very cool classic style map you've made. Great interconnected layout with a lot of optional stuff, but still compact enough that it's easy to navigate and progress. It's overall a pretty easy map, especially if you explore and find secrets, but perfectly fitting for a E2-styled map.


Good work and hoping to see more! My FDA is attached, recorded with glboom+ and complevel 3.


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