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BASIC_BASE - A First map

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Hello there !

I present you my first 100% finished map and I would really like to have your opinion on it !


Name: Basic_Base

Map Format: Doom Format

Ports Tested: PRboom+, Eternity engine, chocolate doom and Zdoom


Map(s): MAP01

Gameplay: Single play only

Difficulty Settings: No

Multiplayer Placement: No

Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2

Build Time: 5 to 6 hours


Enjoy :) !


BASIC_BASE (2).png

BASIC_BASE (3).png

BASIC_BASE (1).png


UPDATE : Here's a fixed version of the map


BASIC_BASE 1.1.zip

Edited by Druide_Funky

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For a first map this is not bad at all. Pretty good actually. There's one problem, I went into the hole to get the red key and couldn't get out, after I nocliped out, then I saw the switch to raise the ground. Tip, don't make pits that the player can't get out of unless it damages them to death and even then, try to offer an escape. I've been guilty of it too before so don't worry. It would have been better to put the key on a raised platform then use the switch to lower it. Otherwise this is a good first time map and it actually did kill me once. Good job man keep it up.

Edited by Dubbagdarrel

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Here's my playthrough with commentary:



Had fun with this little map. Definitely looking forward to seeing more. 

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Wowzer. I like what you've made! Fun, a little challenging yet still fair. A good suggestion from me is maaaybe add 1-2 more stimpacks but overall I can't find really any major complaints.


Only part of the map that needs cleaning up is the "hell" room... It kinda kills the cohesion of the map's theme quite quickly. Maybe try a hell-tech hybrid style?


Anyways, it's a worthy 9.5/10




Also, demo! :o http://www.mediafire.com/file/jrswytiifrkkbi3/DYNABBSE.lmp/file    (Chocolate DooM)

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I'll join the demo bandwagon. Chocolate Doom FDA UV.

I had a good time playing this map. Short and to the point. Texturing remains simple and consistent. A couple rooms could have used some different textures. Blue key room is an example that could have used different colored walls. The electronic paneling, COMPBLUE wall along with the step in the north side of the room is fine.

Monster and ammo placement felt solid. I didn't feel annoyed or thought, "this is too easy" by any of the encounters. I liked the teleporter to "hell?" segment because it activated my imagination. Teleporters gone wrong.

Overall, this map felt like something I could see in the megawad Demonfear.

I did go through the map a second time to see if the player gets soft-locked if they jump into the red key pit. They can and its inescapable. The player has to reload or start over if they jump in.

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First of all : thank you very much for all your feedback and comment, it comforts me in my desire to create other map


For the "Hell" part i wanted to make a zone more open than previously in the level, to add a little diversity, whith the a theme that clash with the rest of the map. Maybe it was not the best idea on a five minutes level...


anyway, i just updated the map by fixing the missing texture, the "holl in hell soft lock" ect...

BASIC_BASE 1.1.zip

BASIC_BASE (4).png

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Here is my playthrough of the map version 1.1.




Fun little map, reminds me of map 1 from TNT Evilution, System Control. The level design is solid enough and there doesn't seem to be any glaring issues in the map. It is very compact however and while the hell teleport adds a bit of spice it is rather bland.

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