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Help with a dehacked timed bomb


This is a bomb that is thrown on the ground and explodes after a little while. Everything works as expected, except for one weird thing: it goes through impassible linedefs. It stops at monsters, objects and two sided linedefs (as it should), but it just goes right through impassible walls. It replaces BFG, here's the code: 


Thing 36 (BFG projectile)
Width = 131072
Missile damage = 0
Height = 131072

Frame 116
Duration = 30
Next frame = 117

FRAME 117 = Explode
FRAME 118 = Explode


Any way to fix it?

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    if (!ld->backsector)
	return false;		// one sided line
    if (!(tmthing->flags & MF_MISSILE) )
	if ( ld->flags & ML_BLOCKING )
	    return false;	// explicitly blocking everything

	if ( !tmthing->player && ld->flags & ML_BLOCKMONSTERS )
	    return false;	// block monsters only

The relevant part of the vanilla collision code. Notice how things flagged as missiles will skip over these checks, and how the "block monster" check is done just by looking if the thing is attached to a player (assuming that anything that moves that isn't a player is a monster, since missiles have already been avoided in that check).

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