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Mad Dal 85

Bug in Zandronum?

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I've been using Zandronum lately so I can play the Doom Mod known as Clusterfuck, and I noticed something odd. When I pick up a key, I get the text message "You picked up the [colour] keycard." and it shows that I got it on the HUD. But the key itself is still sitting there in the map. Is that a bug in the Zandronum source port or is it the CF mod that I am using? 

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Are you playing in co-op? Keycards stay in co-op to allow other player's to pick them up (our yourself if you respawn), this has been a thing since Doom first released in 1993.

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it is a known thing with clusterfuck keys. not a zandro bug, keys are just coded this way in cf.

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