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Stupid monsters... :) *SPOILER*

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I don't know if this is going to be in final version of the game, but I was spawning multiple monsters (imps), and the bastards kept killing themselves trying to attack me. So it appears that monsters can hurt each other by accident, well, at least in the Alpha version they can.

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i dont know how that makes monsters stupid lol , its ai , it was like that in Doom I and II , and i thought of it to be pretty cool , how if one monster got attacked by another they would turn on eachother , i hope they throw that in Doom3 , it makes it very intresting and throws in a bit of excitment to see how deadly these suckers are , pretty much showing a "only the strong survive" type of mood for you ...

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lol yah , if you go to the empty map , lol thats the best to spawn monsters , also stand aroudn the walls and hit your "+" key on your number pad to add a light source ,and then spawn like 6 pinkys and a hellknight rofl , its so crazy and fun

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