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W_CacheLumpNum: 21308 >= numlumps


Hey all, I'm reminded of why I never deal with vanilla Doom rofl


I looked up what the titled error means on both Doomwiki and here, and it seems the solution lies in the PWAD lump order and/or the naming of the START and END markers, but I could swear I've tried all combinations of S/SS_START/END and P/PP_START/END and placing all associated lumps to the top of the list in SLADE to no avail. What's worse is that I have another wad with the lumps generally in the same order/naming convention and choco doom runs it just fine :/ Can anyone tell me what to do so the PWAD can run in Chocolate Doom with the -merge command?

Here's the entire (spliced together) lump list, for what it's worth:




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You may need to upload the WAD as the error is a symptom of a problem, not a report of the actual cause. 


Also make sure your PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps include the base Doom2 textures and patches. These lumps do not stack. 

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Actually, now that you mentioned the TEXTURE1 lump, I went back to check it in slade to see if anything went wrong. Sure enough, half of the patches in my new SKY1 were changed to these weird "INVPATCH###"s for some reason. I changed those entries back into the correct patches and now the WAD works like a charm :D Thank you so much for your help!

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