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A single short vanilla map to heal mapper's block

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Pretty fun mini-size speedmap. You probably should have monster blocking lines around the secret teleport since the Cyber gets stuck up on the ledge if he steps on it. FDA attached, recorded with glboom+.



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Looks fairly nice but plays like MAP10 of DooM II in the sense that everything you need is there but it's a little spread out. I wasn't aware there was a super shotty the first time I tried this and ended up dying after around 2-3 minutes. Once I knew about it though things definitely got easier. :)


Can't say for other difficulties but from what I played of HMP, maybe an extra medikit wouldn't hurt the map.


Overall a fun little map! 10/10 :3

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Thank you all for reviews all. :)


I will correct the map before releasing it on idgames.

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