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Lost Temple

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Lost Temple is a limit-removing map I made in one 12-hour sitting on the 21st July of this year. It was going to be MAP29 of Triacontathlon, fulfilling the "grind map" challenge of creating as much map as possible in one sitting. However, I'm having a bit of a clean out of projects that have stalled or been abandoned, and as I'm nearly done making a megaWAD (25 Years on Earth), I figured I'd help myself out and poach the better maps from Triacontathlon and put them in there. Obviously the gimmicky nature of some of the maps made them a bad fit, so they've not gone. This map, however, is just unusually hard for me and wouldn't fit for that reason.


So, if you're feeling brave and up for an adventure: download Lost Temple

I've tested in prboom+ and GZDoom. As long as you don't use complevel -2 or something similarly restrictive, the former works fine. It plays on MAP01, and you're not meant to jump or crouch (I've put in a ZMAPINFO to restrict this).


Here's some screenshots:








Edited by Phobus : Updated download links to /idgames

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Fun map - definitely has a bit of a bite too it. I really like the explosive starting area though I did end up having to save scum and look at the automap for the pitch black section.


p.s the more AVs the better, I love killing those fucks.


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Thanks for playing @xvertigox! Strangely, the pitch black section you've mentioned is easier in the software renderer than in my GZDoom set-up. Even though you can't look down to see the floor immediately in front of you, the white parts of the floor flat are still visible even in 0 light level, making the path still pretty easy to follow. I imagine lighter GZDoom hardware-rendering lighting modes might also give this advantage.

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I enjoyed this, especially the exit battle-I thought that was done well. I found the first battle to be really satisfying and perfectly timed; also the fight after descending the lift into the main area, that was exciting and tricky to get right (this would be screenshot #3).    I really liked what you did in the area going to the left in screenshot #5 and the area in the final screenshot was quite enjoyable--I was down to 17% health after dealing with the first 4 enemies in that room and was able to survive using the cover you expertly provided.   

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@kknot5889 I don't know how I didn't catch this when you first posted it! Sorry it took me so long, but I've seen your video and really appreciate you taking the time to record commentary and post your FDA. I'm glad you picked up on the Indiana Jones intro with the collapsing tunnel, bloody cave and light puzzle and thanks for persevering through that to get to the meat of the map! Looks like you had a good adventure :)

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