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Lost Temple

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Fun map - definitely has a bit of a bite too it. I really like the explosive starting area though I did end up having to save scum and look at the automap for the pitch black section.


p.s the more AVs the better, I love killing those fucks.


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Thanks for playing @xvertigox! Strangely, the pitch black section you've mentioned is easier in the software renderer than in my GZDoom set-up. Even though you can't look down to see the floor immediately in front of you, the white parts of the floor flat are still visible even in 0 light level, making the path still pretty easy to follow. I imagine lighter GZDoom hardware-rendering lighting modes might also give this advantage.

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I enjoyed this, especially the exit battle-I thought that was done well. I found the first battle to be really satisfying and perfectly timed; also the fight after descending the lift into the main area, that was exciting and tricky to get right (this would be screenshot #3).    I really liked what you did in the area going to the left in screenshot #5 and the area in the final screenshot was quite enjoyable--I was down to 17% health after dealing with the first 4 enemies in that room and was able to survive using the cover you expertly provided.   

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