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My test map

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Here it is, just a test map



Edited by TheMindbender : The ammo room had no exit

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3 hours ago, TheMindbender said:

Dude I've been  trying to check this out but I can't figure out what map it is. I check both IWADs and nothing. No read me file stating which map it is either. Not to be rude but I'm not gonna sit here and hunt around for your map. So if you tell me which one it is I'll give it a look.

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OK so I decided to open the WAD in doombuidler 2 and test it. I realized it was in UDMF format. No way to know that other wise. But from what I've seen, this is just a test to see if you can make text appear in on the screen when you enter a room and collect items. All this is a bunch of teleports leading to different rooms all dedicated to containing certain "things", ammo/keys/props ect, and when you approach a teleporter or pick up an item it tells you what it is. The end. So yup.... I guess you know how to add scripted text in your WAD........

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