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Forums as good as these but for Quake?

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This place is pretty well the platonic ideal of forums for doom. Is there a particular place that is as focused, comprehensive, and great as this place, but for quake instead? 

after 25 years of doom, it might be time for me to diversify just slightly. And only for a little bit.

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I think http://quakeone.com/ and https://www.quaddicted.com/ are the best bets that I've seen around here. The Quake community doesn't seem to be nearly as active as the Doom community, and maybe it's more active than I think, I can't say I regularly visit Quake sites, even though I love the game. There are still some amazing level sets being made for it; Arcane Dimensions and Dimension of the Past come to mind. Don't know what it is about Quake mappers and their Dimensions. 

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(Please be warned that while func_msgboard, and its Discord cohort terrafusion, is a liberal and welcoming community, it's very much a place where over-the-top foul language is used very casually. Don't take everything posted to heart!)

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