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How does GZDoom handle custom colormaps?

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When hardware accelerated, that is.
I've been abusing some custom colormaps in my boom compatible map and it seems I only get a reddish tint in GZDoom in the areas they are used. It fits for one of them since it's a reddish fog but it doesn't look right for the rest. I was wondering if I could remedy this for better compatibility with this port.

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Since the hardware renderer cannot make direct use of colormaps, it calculates an average color, brightens that a bit and uses it as a fullscreen color blend. Fog from such colormaps is not being used.


If you want to retain fog in otherwise Boom compatible maps, the only possible ways are a) to add a global ACS script or b) use GZDoom's compatibility postprocessor, but in both cases you have to be aware that GZDoom can live switch to the paletted software renderer where the colormaps work.


You should also be aware that with GlBoom you are likely to get similar problems using custom colormaps but less means to work around this.

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