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Batch Doom Mods Launcher (2019)

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Batch Doom Mods Launcher v1.1
Title : Batch Doom Mods Launcher
Filename : BDMLv1.1
Date : 25/11/2019
Author : Ivan Mitev (Effektus)
Email Address : effektus@live.co.uk

Download : 



Описание : Здравейте Doom маниаци, горд съм да ви представя  моя "Batch Doom Mods Launcher" за лесно пускане на  много Doom модове. Аз работих по него около 20  работни дни и се постарах да е максимално динамичен  и да работи лесно, интуитивно и бързо. Исках да го  направя от доста време, тъй като ми омръзна всеки  път да създавам нов BAT файл за поредния страхотен  мод, които много от вас създават. А и папката ми  Doom нарастна значително както на мод файлове така  и на BAT файлове. Исках да имам един BAT файл от  който да пускам всички лесно и бързо. И ето го  най-накрая след доста разследване и писане на BAT  скрипт (преди не бях писал на него защото съм  програмист на уеб сайтове) и доста тестване мисля,  че успях да го завърша.


Description : Hi Doom Maniacs, I'm proud to introduce my "Batch Doom Mods Launcher" for easily launching multiple  DOOM mods. I worked on it for about 20 working days  and tried to be as dynamic as possible and to work  easily, intuitively and quickly. I've been wanting  to do this for a long time, since I'm bored every  time I create a new batch file for another awesome  mod that many of you create. And my Doom folder has  grown substantially in both MOD and Batch files.  I wanted to have a batch file from which to play  them all easily and quickly. And here it is,  finally, after a lot of research and writing of  the "batch script" ( I hadn't written to it before  because I'm a web page developer) and a lot of  testing I think I managed to finish it.
* What is new * (v1.1)
- Rename Launcher to BDML (Batch Doom Mod Launcher)
- Fixing BUG for multiple times adding the same mod or dehaked file
- Added Lite version of Batch file (ANSI) for non Windows 10 PC's
- Added LZDoom for Windows XP and older OpenGL Engine video hardware
- Added feature for saving in batch file with chosen name
- Added Doom Zero (2019) from Christopher Golden in mods 


* What is included *
New levels : No
Sounds : No
Music : No
Graphics : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Engines : Yes
iWads : Yes
Mods : Yes
Other : Yes
Other files required : None


* Construction *
Base : New from scratch
Build Time : 24 days
Editor(s) used : Notepad++
May Not Run With : DOS (not tested)
Tested With : Zdoom v2.8.1, GZDoom v4.2.4 , LZDoom v3.83a, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP


* Play Information *
Default folders :

   1 engines ( holder of ZDoom, LZDoom and GZDoom folders )
1.1 gzdoom-4-2-4-Windows-32bit
1.2 gzdoom-4-2-4-Windows-64bit
1.3 LZDoom_3.83a_x64
1.4 LZDoom_3.83a_x86
1.5 zdoom-2.8.1
   2 iwads - holder of iwads and "nfo" files for them (doom.wad, doom2.wad and etc.)
2.1 freedoom1.wad - free iwad ( use this when you need to play "Doom" mod )
2.2 freedoom1.nfo - iwad short information for MENU ( you must create before use )
2.3 freedoom2.wad - free iwad ( use this when you need to play "Doom II" mod )
2.4 freedoom2.nfo - iwad short information for MENU ( you must create before use )
   3 mods - holder of mods ( default supported files are "zip", "wad", "pk3", "ipk3" + optional for information inside launcher "nfo", "txt", "rtf", "pdf" )
3.1 DOOMZERO.wad - free mod
3.2 DOOMZERO.nfo - mod short information for MENU ( you must create before use )
3.3 DOOMZERO.txt - mod readme file for more information ( you must rename mod readme file before use )
3.3 DOOMZERO.deh - mod dehacked file
3.4 LILA-DOOM.pk3 - free mod
3.5 LILA-DOOM.nfo - mod short information for MENU ( you must create before use )
3.6 LILA-DOOM.rtf - mod readme file for more information ( you must rename mod readme file before use )
  4 saves - optional folder for save files ( predefined in engine "ini" file this is only change from original first-run settings )


Това е структура по подразбиране в момента на разархивиране, но вътре в стартовия панел има проверки и съобщения, които да ви ориентират дали някоя папка или файл липсва. Както и как да промените тези папки по подразбиране ако желаете вътре в началото на BAT файла. Ако намерите някакви грешки или бъгове може да ми пишете за да ги оправя и да кача нова версия. Също така ако имате предожения за подобряването му няма да откажа. Ако много ви хареса работата ми и желаете да ми направите подарък или да ме спонсорирате може да го направите чрез линка отдолу.


This is default structure in the moment of unzipping but inside launcher there have checks and messages to guide you if some folder or file missing. Also how to change these default folders if you want inside the beginning of the BAT file. If you find any bugs or bugs you can write to me to fix them and upload a new version. Also, if you have the advances to improve it, I will not refuse.

If you really like my work and want to give me a gift or sponsor me, you can do so via the link below.


For Donations:



Ivan Mitev a.k.a. Effektus (25/11/2019)

Edited by Effektus

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