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Hello, this is MooM IV, if you download it, check out the manual.

I really don't have much to say here.. Everything is in the manual!

(newer builds on my itch.io page, I don't have time to post it here!)

https://www.mediafire.com/file/dpchbbj9j6muxz3/MooM_IV_1.0.rar/file here it is

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I'm gonna check it out, but please remember to post your links correctly and properly format your post so we can actually feel compelled to check out whatever you want to post.

If you just post plain text and leave links as plain text (so we have to copy the link and paste on the browser to actually go to it), people won't get interested in your wad. Also some images really help in grabbing people's attention, you know?

Edit: Played a bit. The maps are pretty short and I saw a visual glitch here and there (maybe because I'm using an older version of GZDoom?) but from what I can tell the wad can be pretty fun. It could also be more challenging.

I like some of the stuff you did though. The Doors that open horizontally or that move like normal doors and some details here and there are nice.

Keep mapping, Mushes. 

Edited by [Vitz!] : no flooding

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The flashlight is kinda bugged, and if you find any things that look misplaced, send scrennshots. (this is kinda just for me to learn how to do stuff in gzdoom so yeah, nothing too big) but i'm happy you liked it!

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