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Zdoom Demos Brick My PC? (solved)

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Basically what the title says.

I'm trying to record demos on Zdoom 2.8.1 with the following parameters (minus quotations):

"C:\Users\IGameOnGarbage\documents\zdoom.exe -record penis -warp 2 9 -skill 4 +dmflags 65536"

I drag and drop this to the Zdoom executable and my screen just goes black, no inputs work, there's no sound and I have to restart my PC via the power button. Any other variations just don't seem to do anything as parameters either, for example:


"zdoom -file doom.wad -record mydemo"


"gzdoom.exe -warp 2 9 -skill 4 -record poop.lmp" (obviuosly not using Zdoom butsimilar issue"


Both of those examples yield the same situation, I also tried PrBoom+ as recommended by a guy on YT under the alias of Cyberdemon, video here:




So yeah, Doomworld. what can  I do?

Edited by IGameonGarbage : solved

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22 hours ago, GarrettChan said:

Can you just run this instead of dragging into the exe?

OMG. Thank you so much!I have no idea how I did not think of this earlier. This works flawlessly, here's my first demo




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