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The ever so required Introduction thread

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Hello fellow Doomers. I figured it would be common courtesy to provide an introduction thread. Some may or may not have seen me in the various Discords already, but nevertheless:


Since i am also aligned with the ZDoom, a similar introduction is sufficient:

After being effectively a member on the site for close to 10-12 years but without an account, i figured, why not take an actual step for a change. Thus, i am rather familiar with most names, mods, and histories.

In terms of gaming im a writer and editor and always looking for something new or something obscure. Thus over the years a lot of knowledge came to be, mostly of historic nature, FPS titles in general.

I hope to be a satisfactory contributor to the Doom community and perhaps take a first step into designing a level for Doom aswell. You gotta start somewhere, right? So why not amongst a crowd ive known for the latter tooth of 10+ years, but never interacted with. :)

Thank you for having me in the first place and i look forward to interacting with you all on the regular.

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20 hours ago, Doomkid said:

Glad you decided to make an account. More Doomers is always a good thing.

Have we met before then? :P Thank you!

4 hours ago, Eurisko said:

Hello and welcome good Sir.

Welcome, welcome! I had to wait a day per the site rules, but i hope i can be of service to you and others! This will mostly be about obscure and useless trivia, but who knows, perhaps someone digs it :)

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Just now, Weyland said:

Hi all, finally I found a place to walk about best shooter ever :)

And hijacking my topic for it? :P


Welcome, Weyland!

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